Max Porterfield: We’re In A Bullish Market for Commodities

Max Porterfield: We’re In A Bullish Market for Commodities by Rory, The Daily Coin

Who wants to make a good investment? Who believes gold and silver are important to wealth preservation? If you have been following along it is no secret the past five years the precious metals market has suffered greatly at the hands of the bullion banking cartel. Their criminal activities have not been limited to merely rigging the precious metals markets, but has influenced what has been happening in the mining sector.

If the rigging the tiny gold and silver markets, which has now been proven in a court of law, has been part of the ongoing market rigging why wouldn’t they rig the mining indices as well? I am not saying this is the case, just asking a question. While it has not been proven, yet, in a court of law it would not be out of the question to say these markets have been rigged just like all of the other markets that have been proven to be rigged.

What began back in October 2015 as small up trend in the mining sector now appears to be turning into a full blown tsunami. As Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics, has pointed out through his continual research of the mining sector, there are companies that will rise in value as much as six to ten percent in a single day! That could be considered a full blown tsunami of investment dollars moving into a particular market segment. I sat down with Max Porterfield,CEO of Callinex Mines, to discuss the specifics of his company and how they are positioning themselves for this great move in the mining sector.

As this economic collapse continues to unfold owning premier mining stocks is going to be a key aspect to maintaining wealth. Callinex Mines parent company has been operating in mineral rich Manitoba, Canada since 1927. They are currently exploring two different discoveries and are well capitalized for the long term. Capital is a key element in mining since it is a capital intensive operation. If you are considering making a lot of money in the near future you would be wise to begin your due diligence regarding Callinex Mines as they are positioned to make some big moves in the near future.

During the last bull gold market, that begin in the early 1970’s and ended in 1980, the miners led the metals. This is beginning to happen again. The miners are leading the way and already posting huge gains as the metals are moving up in small steps. Give Max Porterfield a good listen and be prepared to make your move.


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