Frequency Control

by Matty, The Reality of Our Illusion  There are many different frequencies here on earth, some natural but most man made now. Which one’s do you tap into ? I don’t really know why I just typed that question. There’s no answer to it really unless you spend your whole life just outside the ionosphere. But the man made frequency extends out past there too. There is confusion and disorientation here on this planet caused by waves you can’t even see. These evil things have been issued to us all as part of the continued bombardment, all in the name of goodness for humanity, by Corporations that hold no interest in making things better for you. In fact they’ve been created to control you. The hidden hand has taken us all to a new dimension of violent interruption. If you’re to busy on the quest you’d not be seeing or feeling this phenomena. You would still be comfortably oblivious to this even occurring. It’s hard to break free from those around you isn’t it ? Don’t want to be left outside the crowd. The majority doesn’t feel at all, not how they need to. They just soldier on without a care in the world and never realize why they feel like death warmed up. This stuff is subtle and unless you’ve used your inner knowing or, you’ve done some research you won’t know about this constant infiltration to your well being. We all use these silent weapons daily. They’ve even made them portable with back door portals to syphon off your identity and whole life. The name of the game here is a soft hum that barely raises the eyebrows. Can you imagine if humans woke up and realized that all of this frequency is designed to keep you in a state that renders you only able to run the machines ? What would you think about that ? The double, if not triple effect of one thing in our lives is designed to leave you in a confused state all day and all night. It’s designed to have us all walking zombies while pulling that data out based on a connection to a grid of location surveillance. They always kill more than 2 birds with the one stone don’t they ? This warfare conducted by our governments is out of control. So next time you find time to stop, always remember that the clouded feeling in your brain is only coming from an invisible source provided by those who supposedly protect you. And they sold it all to you in the name of technology to help you get by. image

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