Is There A Cashless Society In Our Future?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog   cash-ban I believe that there is a possibility that the US Government will make a big attempt to ban all cash (sometime in the future) as we transfer into a cashless society whereby any and all of our ‘paper’ money will be converted into numbers, digits, invisible electronic signals. As electronic currency crosses through cyberspace faster than ‘the blink of an eye’, during it’s lightning-fast journey it may pass through many kinds of devices, and it actually becomes ‘information’. Information about YOU. And whenever and wherever there is information, there is always a nearby threat: surveillance and censorship. “When money becomes information, it will inform on you.” Are you ready for a cashless society in a world of limitation, control, and surveillance? What’s your take on that and do you think people that are holding cash will be punished (financially speaking or otherwise)? Here’s more to think about: When I say punished, I mean do you think that ‘they’ could decree that any cash held after a certain date will only be worth say, 30% of what it was before? Therefore incentivizing everyone to turn it all in? And then after a second date, any cash will be deemed worthless and criminal to posses? Another question: Regarding those who have bought precious metals such as silver and gold, specifically those who have bought US silver or gold eagles minted by the US Government (as opposed silver or gold of another mint), do you ever see a scenario where the US government somehow uses this against precious metal investors? Similar to what many believe is coming down the pipeline with IRA confiscation… In other words, might it be a better idea when purchasing silver or gold to buy it of another nation mint instead? If so, then which? Electronic payments already dominate the majority of money transfers. Is it fair to say that we are not that far away from the government and central banking cartel to make it 100%? Will .gov and the central banking system someday gain 100% control of literally every transaction within the system, and the full and mandatory exchange of ‘your work’ for digits of everyone within the population? “How close are we to the totality of financial activity being captured within the same ‘informational system’, one that can be both monitored and influenced by a powerful and sprawling administrative state?” (quoted from We are being pushed closer to a world where a 100% cashless society will provide the government new ways to coerce, surveille, and censor. Consider this for example: Founded in 2013 under the direction of Mr. Obama, an initiative of the United States Department of Justice, Operation Choke Point, Banks are asked to voluntarily comply with government policies and proactively police and shut down the kinds of merchant activities that government bureaucrats describe as ‘high-risk’ activity or ‘suspicious’. You may have heard some of the fallout from this in various news reports since then. For example perhaps one of the more notable ‘affects’ of Operation Choke Point came from the firearms and ammunition’s industry which were labeled ‘high-risk’ by .gov, whereby their enforcement arm (the banking cartel) closed bank accounts, denied loans and credit, etc.. Do you see where this can go? Even the liberals should be concerned about this… Who’s to say that a given policy won’t affect them or any of their activities one day? Once ALL money is held within the digital realm and controlled by .gov and the cartel, then they can entirely enforce their political agendas while criminalizing whatever it is they want to criminalize… You will simply have no other alternative if you wish to participate in ‘the system’ (without which you will likely, and literally, die). How will you buy or sell outside the system? Not only will it be impossible, but it will become criminal. Is this day coming?

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