by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante One crime was surely committed last week.  The theft and release of hundreds of thousands of documents from a law firm in Panama in a brazen, coordinated, conspiratorial hack.  It’s called the Panama Papers. The thieves are so brazen that they have identified themselves.  They call themselves the Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and their main backers are the CIA (USAID) and coup and riot funder, George Soros. Aside from their criminal trespass, one for which no one appears to be calling into question, it is quite clear that the leak of this information was an attack on enemies of the financial elite’s. Nary an American was named in the leak, with the exception of a few, like Tina Turner, who angered the establishment by renouncing her US citizenship to escape being in the dragnet of the world’s most dangerous extortion racket, the IRS.  The Pentagon’s $2.3 trillion announced missing by Donald Rumself on September 10, 2001, wasn’t mentioned.  Nor the Bush Crime Family’s CIA drug running racket. Instead, the top people targeted are all enemies of the elites. One was Iceland’s Prime Minister (now ex-Prime Minister as he seems to have resigned yesterday), Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson.  Iceland was the only country in the world that held bankers accountable for their actions during the last financial crisis in 2008 and have jailed more than 50 bankers since.  This angered the financial elites as they see themselves as being above the law (and clearly almost always are… and sends a message to any other brazen governments who try to do the same). And, of course, Vladimir Putin, a thorn in the side of the globalists – although it is unclear if he is just playing his role as “bad guy” or if he really is standing up to the New World Order. And thousands more were “exposed” in the leak… There were two reasons for the leak, in our estimation.  One was as a geopolitical financial terrorist attack against enemies of the globalists.  Warfare has become much more technological and information (propaganda) based in the 21st century.  And the other reason was to demonize anyone who tries to escape the global tax dragnet they are quickly trying to secure into place. We’ve talked about that here for years.  Month by month they are ratcheting down the ability to transact worldwide in the banking system.  Just try to open a bank account outside of your own tax farm (country) today and see what happens.  They’ll want to know what you had for breakfast amongst a flurry of paperwork, if they’ll even accept you at all. Things like FATCA, the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act, has been grinding its way into every nook and cranny of banking in the world and cross-governmental financial information sharing continues apace. Surely just a coincidence, just one day after this leak, Pfizer’s merger with Allergen was shut down by the US Treasury, who said that it will harshly go after any inversion attempts.  An inversion is a way that two companies can merge in order to reap tax benefits. Yet, the grand majority of the people exposed by the Panama Papers are not criminals.  They broke no laws, they just had companies or bank accounts in other countries.  And, even for the ones who were doing it to avoid tax, they are heroes.  Anyone who avoids being extorted is a hero.  The ones doing the extorting are the criminals. Obummer, David Scameron and pols from Brussels have leveled the “big guns” at normal Western, privacy safeguards. London’s City and other big financial centers want to do away with cash entirely – and the privacy that goes along with it. In its place they intend to substitute central bank digital money that they can control. One of the officials of the Panamian law firm that was hacked was quoted in a Reuters article as saying: “We believe there’s an international campaign against privacy. Privacy is a sacred human right (but) there are people in the world who do not understand that.”  This wasn’t news to us, we wrote “The Death of Privacy” in 2012, seeing where all this was headed. Switzerland’s banking anonymity, also, has been destroyed by US judicial attacks. Now it appears, the US and allied Western forces are attacking the concept of anonymity itself by trying to link shell companies to organized crime.  Of course, the largest form of organized crime is government itself and central banking. Once business cannot guarantee anonymity via numbered bank accounts or shell companies, there are very few ways in the world that individuals can conduct transactions away from the multiple prying eyes of government. One way remains, of course, and that is digital technology. With bitcoin’s success – and it has been a great success despite naysayers – additional cryptocurrencies are coming to market. These currencies so far offer anonymity or at least quasi-anonymity much as bitcoin does. Cryptocurrencies are difficult to eradicate. Anonymity is what makes them effective as a non-governmental currency. Here at TDV we’ve long been significant supporters of bitcoin and the like, and in fact recommended bitcoin at $3. It later moved all the way up to $1,000, giving TDV newsletter subscribers astounding profits. If the Panama Papers attacks on financial privacy aren’t enough to get you into bitcoin then we don’t know what will.  Bitcoin has risen slightly, to $420, since the news has broken but I wouldn’t be surprised to see bitcoin skyrocket in the coming year as people around the world realize there are very few places left to have a level of anonymity and security from the globalist tax regime they are putting into place. For much more on the Panama Papers and what it means for the future, I spent nearly an hour with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth discussing it here: The financial elites are rolling out their plans at an incredible pace to bring in a one world government, one world currency now.  The Panama Papers is just another step of it which they’ll use to take down governments and politicians who are not on board with their plans. If you haven’t seen our video, “SUPER SHEMITAH: Elite’s Jubilee Year Plan to Crash World Economy by October 2016“, you should watch it now to see where this is all headed. As well, we have just released 7 hours of video from our recent TDV Internationalization & Investment Summit which cover all these issues and how to protect yourself including numerous talks on how to get into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  You can see them here. The end game is nearly here… will you be prepared?

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