No Wonder There’s Chaos

by Matty, The Illusion of Our Reality There comes a time in the evolution of the universe, where the greatest shift becomes so insane that many are simply caught, with no explanation as to why they feel the way they do. It only happens in mega blocks of about 2000 years. We are all in that right now. I mean really, this is lunacy. The whole shift in paradigm and consciousness is something no one on earth can control. The Bankster’s will have you believe they can control and manipulate this like they do with the entire economic system of slavery, but they are sorely mistaken. If you look at the diagram below, you can clearly see where we are at. Right on the cross over point. None of us will live to see the smooth bit to the right. So effectively, we are all living in the Chaos period. You can see why things are kind of out of control can’t you ? What we’ve been lead to believe, is that everything is fine. Well, it’s not. Forget about your little human problems, this is far bigger than any of those menial little aggravations. This is the source of the comfortless paradigm we find ourselves in. 2015-05-17 If you look at things like mainstream media (controlled wholeheartedly by the Bankster) you will quickly see that these people are trying to lift the bar with the non comfort factor. Everything you are force fed, is a complete distraction to enable the Elite to take advantage of the people using fear and terror, to keep you distracted. How they do this is by showing you the terror, then knowing what you will do to avoid the truth, they will increase your dose of mind bending gambling, sport, drugs and alcohol or any meaningless pursuit for that matter. They know that by giving you more false flag terror attacks, you will eventually go back to your default distraction modes. So once they have you back there, they then increase the Program accordingly, in those meaningless things that you do. What your education has allowed is the constant ability to control you. You were graded on your ability to memorize illegitimate facts. The only purpose of this was to make sure you were as dumb as the person next to you. They didn’t train and program you to think for yourself. Absolutely not ! Even the people you admire are playing their role. Everyone has some sort of idol they look up to for inspiration. Usually a celebrity who’s been put on a pedestal or promoted into stardom. Guess what ? They went through the same system of the Program. All they’ve done differently is memorize a few extra bits of useless information and, had an extra strong dose of mind control. They graduated from a higher school of the Program. But you’re not as good as them, because you were not selected and were incapable of memorizing what they could.

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