by Louis Cammarosano, Smaulgld The big economic news of the week was the Fed’s announcement on Wednesday not to raise interest rates and their cutting of the number of rate hike expetatins in 2016 from four to two. The dollar fell and gold and silver rose especially silver. Gold and silver  Gold closed last week at $1250.10 and closed this week at  $1254.70   Silver closed last week at $15.47 and closed this week at $15.81  The gold and silver ratio ended the week at 79:1 gold silver ratio march 19 2016

The gold silver ratio ended the week under 80:1

Chart of the Week

gold vs the canadian dollar march 2016

Gold got cheaper in Canadian dollars as the price of oil rebounded.

Here are the stories we wrote, followed or commented on. March 13, 2016 From Are Entrepreneuers Really Tricked by Low Interest Rates? This article also appeared in Inman News March 14, 2016 Gold Negative Interest Rates Boost Japanese gold Demand Gold believers scoff at Goldman Sachs warnings Hiker finds rare Roman gold coin in Israel  Armenian gold mine starts construction next month  Strong demand from emerging markets limited supply floats gold US Mint Sales Update U.S. Mint sold 709,000  American Silver Eagles & 3,000 American Gold Eagles today. YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 12,709,000/American Gold Eagles sold 172,000 MTD Silver Eagles sold 1,972,500 MTD Gold Eagles sold 15,500 Buy 2016 American Silver Eagle Coins March 15, 2016 Silver Smaulgld appeared on Wall Street For Main Street’s Welcome To Dystopia Podcast. How is Silver Supply and Demand Calculated? US Economic Data Empire State Index 0.6 Prior -16.6 February Retail Sales -0.1%, Exp. -0.2% but prior month revised down from 0.2% to -04%. Retail Sales excluding autos and gas 0.3%, Exp. 0.2% prior month revised down from 0.1 to -04% Home builder sentiment at 58 PPI -0.2% Gold Indian Gold Bar imports slump CNBC at it again with the negative gold stories For gold, it’s 1999 all over again: Technician  Man finds gold in Russian forest, gets busted trying to smuggle it out of the country Share buybacks keeping S&P afloat Central Bank Manipulations Japan keeps interest rates at negative 0.1% refrains from further stimulus Silver Small buyers return to silver US Mint Sales Update U.S. Mint sold 258,500  American Silver Eagles & 1,000 American Gold Eagles today. YTD American Silver Eagles Sold 12,967,500/American Gold Eagles sold 173,000 MTD Silver Eagles sold 2,231,000 MTD Gold Eagles sold 16,500 The US Mint also sold 1000 American Gold Buffalo coins today – MTD 3,000 YTD 56,000  

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