Gold & Silver – Shanghai Exchange Effect On Silver?

by Michael Noonan, Edge Trader Plus The trend for silver remains down, for now, but there is something going on within this market that does not confirm a change in trend but “appears” to be indicting a one.  It has been acknowledged that the fundamentals for both silver and gold are overwhelmingly positive, yet price has not responded.  More accurately, price has not been allowed to respond by the globalist’s manipulation via their central banks, in general, and specifically by the both military and money might of the also manipulated United States, the federal corporate government version. The question that arose in our mind for the past few weeks has been: are we seeing the effects of the Shanghai Exchange on silver?  In other words, while the belief that the East is now overtaking the West in financial power, in the form of acquiring gold and silver, has been widespread, it has not yet been reflected in price behavior. Everyone knows that the effects of manipulation, now being countered by the rise in power of China, and even Russia, had to lose its grip against the undeniably strong fundamentals for both silver and gold.  With the blatant exercise of market/price control by COMEX and LMBA not even being cleverly disguised, China, having the loudest but silent voice, indeed now even control over what goes on in PMs, is taking a page from Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy by “walking softly and  carrying a big stick” and  China beginning to exert its influence. COMEX and LBMA, once the pillars for precious metals, have now decayed into a Comedy Central tag team that has lost its audience and credibility.  China does not play, nor does it tolerate, that kind of low-level display of incompetence masquerading as authority. Both exchanges have been derivative-driven, doing everything [un]imaginable to protect their excessively hypothecated Ponzi scheme and no longer function as legitimate sources that stand ready to deliver gold and silver on their futures contracts.  They offer digital “currency” instead of actual delivery of any physical metal. 见 COMEX, 见 LBMA. [Bye-bye], your days are coming to an inglorious end.  你好 Shanghai Gold Exchange, [Hello], where physical metal is actually delivered and just as importantly, price will reflect real supply and demand, that is once the switch is fully implemented and China pulls the switch on COMEX and LBMA.  Sum Ting Wong with the way you do business. This is our sense of why silver refuses to be pushed lower with impunity by globalist interests and why silver has begun to exhibit a change in behavior that, while not being definitively seen as a change in trend, it may now be recognized as what so many have been so eagerly awaiting for: reality to come center stage for gold and silver.  It further explains what we have been saying for the past few years:  fundamentals are not what are moving the PM markets.  They should be, and they have been relentlessly bullish but with no bullish impact. One thing about reading developing market activity, via price in volume depicted in a chart, is that one does not always have to have an answer for what is going on.  In fact, when the market “story” is not clear, that is a sufficient message in itself.  It suggests change, transition, and the process takes time and may not be readily defined from time to time.  It is okay not to know.

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