Carson Just Exposed Stunning Way The Establishment Tried To Make Him Drop Out

by Jack Davis, Western Journalism Temptations are being showered upon Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson if he would only abandon his campaign, Carson has said. He won’t. After telling a Texas newspaper Saturday he has been offered money and political rewards for dropping his candidacy, and amid rumors he would be offered GOP support to run for an open U.S. Senate seat from his home state of Florida if he ends his campaign, Carson took to Facebook Tuesday night to tell his followers his decision. “I am not moved or discouraged when the political class count me out,” he said. “When I began my campaign more than a year ago, there were 17 viable candidates seeking the GOP nomination. Today, because ‘We the People’ continue to show unprecedented support, I remain one of five.” “Millions of Americans plead with me to continue,” Carson wrote. “They want to have a choice and a representative voice to ensure people of faith are not marginalized and that integrity is restored to leadership, with a focus on common sense solutions to the myriad problems we face as a nation. They know I am a citizen candidate, not a politician, who won’t do what is expedient, but what is right. “As long we continue to receive their support, and the Lord keeps opening doors, I will remain in this presidential race. The stakes are too high to willingly hand our country over once again to the pundits and the political class. I truly believe in America and the potential to return to the values on which this country was founded.” On Saturday, Carson told supporters he had been offered incentives to drop out. “I’ve got unanswered calls on my phone right now, ‘Oh, if you did this or did this, and did this, or if you drop out and support this guy, we’ll give you all this money and we’ll make sure you’re a senator here,’” Carson said. “What a bunch of crap. This is about saving our nation. This is not about horse-trading and making deals.” Carson did not name names, but said anyone wanting him to leave before he wants to can “go jump in a lake.” The Super Tuesday voting left Carson with no GOP convention delegates, and advisers have been widely quoted as saying there is no clear path to the nomination for Carson.

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