How The Court Jester Became King Of The United States

How The Court Jester Became King Of The United States by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. You allow the Court Jester to run for “president”, in order to make all of the other bought-and-paid-for Stooges look better, in comparison. Then, after everyone has had a good laugh, the deck is stacked in favor of one of the lackeys of Big Business, i.e. the One Bank. In the two-party dictatorship known as “U.S. democracy”, it was the House of Republicans’ turn to supply a seat-stuffer for the U.S throne. King William, of the House of Democrats had his eight-year reign.

King George II, of the House of Republicans had his eight-year reign. King Barack, of the House of Democrats had his eight-year reign. The next king (for eight years) was supposed to be wearing Republican red, but not wearing a jester’s cap. What happened? The Big Business oligarchy which controls the U.S. government (and thus its puppet kings) got too arrogant, as usual. They hand-picked Jeb Bush to be the next U.S. king, the last, direct descendant of convicted traitor, Prescott Bush, who had not been made king. The obvious problem with this decree is that Jeb Bush is an irredeemable idiot. Even in a rigged popularity contest, the only way to give poor Jeb a fighting chance was to assemble a cast of mental midgets as Republican candidates, who were so dismally mediocre that even Jeb could (hopefully) look adequate, in comparison.

Then the Court Jester, Donald Trump, announced that he was going to seek the presidential nomination of the Red House, too. At first everyone laughed. They laughed even harder as soon as the Court Jester actually began to say anything. But then the oligarchs stopped laughing. Very quickly, the Court Jester jumped out to a commanding lead versus Jeb and the Red Midgets. Initially, there was no great concern. The oligarchs simply waited for the Court Jester to self-destruct. Without a subservient propaganda machine to gloss over his gaffes, and magnify even the most-trivial virtues, the oligarchs simply assumed that the Court Jester could never maintain his popularity. Their miscalculation? These inbred parasites overestimated the aptitude of one of their own “seed”, along with the rest of the Red Midgets. Even standing beside the Court Jester, Jeb Bush was still unelectable, and the rest of the Red Midgets couldn’t do much better. Yet despite the appearance of this “wild card”, this would have seemed to be nothing more than a minor inconvenience for the oligarchs. With the U.S. political system being a two party dictatorship, all the oligarchs needed to do was to align their wealth and propaganda machine behind the lackey of the Blue House. Surely the ‘winner’ of that rigged popularity contest would be able to defeat the Court Jester in the actual election? Not so fast. Even though the oligarchs own both Houses, it was very important to them that the Red House get its turn on the throne, because breaking this now-rigid, eight-year pattern presented the oligarchs with several problems.

They fervently wished to avoid such issues, because they have already created numerous other problems for themselves. The central problem here was simply breaking the pattern of eight years for the Blue House, then eight years for the Red House, and so on. It was a perfect pattern, in several respects. To begin with; the 300+ million serfs masquerading as “citizens” in the U.S. have a hard time remembering even eight minutes into the past, let alone eight years. So one House gets its eight-year reign on the throne, and (naturally) by then the serfs are so fed up with that House that they can no longer stand the stench of corruption. But by this time, they have long forgotten that the other House smells just as bad. So the serfs move from Tweedle-Dee to Tweedle-Dumb, over and over again, in an endless cycle – simply because they can’t remember that they despise both of these corrupt twins.

Breaking the eight-year pattern, by allowing the Blue House to also elect the next king or queen is very dangerous with respect to the oligarchs’ game. To begin with, allowing the Blue House to continue to rule after the serfs are already nauseated by the reek of corruption might actually cause the serfs to pry their bloated carcasses off of their couches, and protest. It’s hard work, actually standing up for more than a few minutes. However provoke them severely enough, long enough, and even the most docile, apathetic (and over-weight) serfs will eventually be roused to action. The oligarchs desperately want to avoid this. Worse still, allow either House to continue their reign beyond the standard eight years, and some of the serfs might actually start to question whether they live in a “democracy”, at all? This frightens the oligarchs even more, because asking such a question implies thinking. And “thinking” implies that the serfs have begun the transition back to citizens – the oligarchs’ ultimate nightmare. However, even beyond this, this Old World Order has created a serious practical problem for itself, as it endeavours to avoid seeing the Court Jester elected as president/king. In seeking to plant the laughable Jeb Bush on the U.S. throne, it would have done the oligarchs no good to (supposedly) rig the primaries, and hand Jeb the nomination for the Red House, if he could not also defeat the lackey from the Blue House.

The oligarchs were facing what appeared to be Mission Impossible: finding someone who could win the rigged popularity contest for the Blue House, but still lose an election to an inferior knuckle-dragger like Jeb Bush. It was impossible to find anyone from the Blue House who ranked beneath Jeb on the I.Q. scale – not without performing some sort of nasty surgery, to which even the most-loyal Blue lackey would not submit themselves. Thus the only way to make Jeb Bush electable was to find someone from the Blue House who was so utterly despicable that a majority of U.S. voters would hold their noses, and vote “idiot” (i.e. Red). The oligarchs didn’t have to look very hard, or very long for the ideal Opponent for a Jeb Bush: Hillary Clinton. Hillary is such a nasty, old crone, and her lust for power is so overwhelming that we can practically see it (smell it?) oozing from her pores. Even with the Corporate media setting its “filters” at maximum, it has been difficult to hide this from the serfs, to a degree sufficient to allow her to ‘win’ the Blue nomination. Indeed, it may still require some last minute dirty-tricks in order to pull that rabbit out of the hat.

This leads to an election between (would-be) Queen Hillary and the Court Jester, and in many ways, it is a no-win scenario for the oligarchs. Even if the Blue House should win, the American people would end up with a Queen whom they already despise, even before she gave her (hypocritical) Oath of Office. Queen Hillary would then begin eight years (four years?) of serving the oligarchs, and thus screwing the American people. How many of the serfs would become so angry and disgusted that they would, finally, be motivated into some form of grassroots political action? How many of the serfs would become so angry and disgusted that they would, finally, remember how much they hate the Blue House, both in the next election, and the elections beyond? A two-party dictatorship can be viable over the long term, a one-party dictatorship cannot.

As former U.S. Congressman and career prosecutor, Charles Lindbergh Sr. wrote a century ago, the (corrupted) two-party dictatorship was already fully in force in his own era. There is no material difference now in the old political parties, except which shall control the patronage [of the oligarchs].

–  From The Economic Pinch, 1923 (p. 60) Why not have this two-party dictatorship rotate from Tweedle-Dee to Tweedle-Dumb every four years, instead of the two-term maximum? For the answer to that question, just look toward Wall Street, and the bankers’ eight-year, bubble-and-crash cycles.

Keep one House in power for the full eight years, and then, after they are already thoroughly despised, blame that House for the “crash”

– even though it was 100% planned and executed by the One Bank, via its Wall Street henchmen. No matter how unappealing the other House looks in objective terms, standing next to the scapegoats for the Crash, and their lame-duck king, the other House looks like a procession of White Knights. Rinse and repeat. Every eight years. And now the Court Jester appears to be on the verge of messing up one of this crime syndicate’s principal “businesses.” At this point, some readers will argue that there is no problem for the oligarchs here.

The Court Jester is a selfish, greedy, dim-witted egomaniac. He couldn’t be any more like the oligarchs themselves than if they had cloned one of their own. But (and it’s a big “but”) the Court Jester is not one of their lackeys. Say what you want about The Donald, but this selfish, greedy, dim-witted egomaniac works for no one but himself – not the oligarchs, and certainly not the American people. Being president/king isn’t a chance for the Court Jester to “give something back” (after all he has taken via his many bankruptcies). It’s “a business opportunity”, for himself, and no one else. Worse still, for the oligarchs, the Court Jester is the ultimate loose cannon. Attempt to look-up the meaning of the phrase “loose cannon” on the ‘net, and instead of any attempt at definition, one will most likely see a picture of The Donald, along with a quote of whatever was the last thing to come out of his mouth.

Barring an unforeseeable turn of events, the Court Jester will manage to buy his own seat on the U.S. throne. And when it happens, it will have only been made possible because the oligarchs deliberately assembled a collection of the most inept idiots and despicable cretins as the only other choices for American serfs/voters. This Court Jester will not only have “his finger on the button”, but he will wield the most enormous/obscene war machine the world has ever seen, at a time when rabid, U.S. neo-cons are engaging in the most-extreme sabre-rattling since Vietnam. Now nobody is laughing.

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Jeff Nielson

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