Experts Warn ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ & ‘House To House’ Methods May Be Needed To Combat Zika In America

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline

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The story that ANP reader  linked to this morning via comment on an ANP story comes to us from the New York Times and is just the latest warning that things may be preparing to get very interesting here in America. In the NY Times story, ‘mosquito expert’ Michael Doyle tells us that Americans may not be ready for what’s necessary to properly get rid of these ‘Zika virus’ carrying varmints as this ‘guerrilla warfare house-to-house method is still very new and “Zika will require a major shift in this country’s approach to mosquito control“.

Telling us further that ‘Aedes aegypti’, the mosquito carrying the Zika virus, is “relatively impervious to outdoor spraying”, we’re also told the most efficient way to deal with this particular disease is a painstaking process…“more door-to-door action”. The mere mention of ‘SWAT teams’ of mosquito experts going door to door in Florida should ring alarm bells. The fact that we’re told these ‘mosquito SWAT teams’ were ‘activated within hours’ tells us they’ve rehearsed for this for a long time. The fact that ‘one neighbor’ could ’cause an outbreak for the whole neighborhood’ tells us the direction they’re going. We’ll also take a look below at a new video from ANP reader Stacy White who recently passed two ‘Germblast Infectious Disease Control’ vans outside of Sweetwater, Texas on I-20 heading West. Stacy comments that it was strange seeing this, especially considering all of the people now flooding into Texas from other countries. With Zika now having been detected in the US and expected to grow into 2016, will this be a normal site on US highways? Several other videos below take a look at what some are calling the ‘Zika false flag fraud’. Seeing how mosquito experts are saying America will have to deal with this outbreak to effectively eradicate it is understandably raising many eyebrows. 145540932348590.jpeg We learn from the NY Times about one such process to eradicate a mosquito illness outbreak undertaken back in 2009 in the city of Key West, Florida after a dengue-virus  mosquito-borne outbreak. If this doesn’t sound like the stuff of a dictatorial government, what else does? As we told you in our recent story “‘Bigger And Bigger False Flags Coming’ – NWO Using Crisis To Bring In ‘Medical Martial Law’ – Are We Now Witnessing A ‘Covert Medical Op’ In Action?“, covert medical operations are the most dangerous and this helps to show us why.: One key test of Americans’ ability to fight this mosquito came in 2009, when it brought the dengue virus into the homes of people on Key West. Within hours, a SWAT team of 30 mosquito experts was going house to house, dumping standing water from flowerpots, ashtrays, children’s swimming pools, recycling containers, bottle caps and trash cans. They worked 10 hours a day, six days a week, for six weeks, marking their progress on maps.

The effort was scrupulous because “you need remarkably few mosquitoes to keep up transmission,” said Mr. Doyle. “One recalcitrant neighbor will grow enough adult mosquitoes to cause an outbreak for the whole neighborhood.”

Some departments get creative. The mosquito control team in New Orleans got firefighters to help knock on doors when cases of West Nile virusbegan surfacing in 2012.

“Manpower, that’s the main thing,” said Claudia Riegel, director of the city’s Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board.

145540495978507.jpeg Mosquito SWAT teams… is that’s what’s coming next? According to the Times story, experts expect a much bigger outbreak here in the US once mosquito season begins again. Will Americans soon see ‘mosquito SWAT teams’ going door-to-door, dumping out standing water from flower pots, ashtrays, trash can lids and all of the other myriad mosquito breeding grounds spread out in Americans’ yards and homes? Is that what Doyle means when he said Americans may not be ‘ready for what’s necessary’? Keep in mind the Zika virus was 1st discovered by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1947. In the 1st video below, TruthUnveiled777 takes a look at the Zika virus and ‘Operation Depopulation’ and the Zika virus from several different positions including sharing with us the scientific facts surrounding this virus, it’s history as well as the possibility this is being pushed upon the world for very nefarious reasons. In the 2nd video below, the corbettreport takes a look at all of the talk surrounding Zika being merely a ‘false flag fraud’ while in the 3rd video, we learn from CCTV News that Brazil is going door to door with military to deal with this crisis. Is that what’s coming to America? Is Zika virus all about getting Americans to take a new vaccine as suggested by the 4th video below, a White House press conference? The final video below was sent to ANP by a reader showing two ‘Germblast infectious disease control’ vans in Texas. Why would ‘Germblast infectious disease control’ vans be out on Texas highways? The following video was sent to us by ANP reader Stacy White and shows what Stacy thought to be something a bit strange. As always, please email with pictures, videos or story leads of news in your own home towns and cities and news that you feel the mainstream media isn’t covering and needs to get out to the world. Thank you. 145540258230057.jpeg

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