Is Our Economy Collapsing?

by Rory, The Daily Coin If you have been following our collapsing economy this will not come as shock at all. As matter of fact you might, as I have, find a little peace in all of it. You see, our world is about to change and for those that are prepared, especially spiritually, mentally and physically, you will probably do better than most. The rest of us; well…. Going all the way back to Dec 2014 when Dave Kranzler wrote about the repo collapse – and I would argue gas was thrown on the fire when the Austrian, HETA bank rolled over and then financially collapsed two banks in Germany. As David Haggith recently described it – it’s like a train wreck – the locomotive left the tracks a long time ago and it takes time for EACH car to reach that point. You can’t see that the locomotive is gone until it is too late. The “cars” are now stacking up and it is very apparent to anyone with eyes our economy is collapsing right now. It is about to go belly up and there isn’t anything anyone can do. What about Greece, has it recovered, stabilized or improved, even to the slightest degree? What about Europe? What about the collapsing Baltic Dry Index, Shanghai Containerized Freight Index or the fact that some of the “too big to jail” banks have now revised their U.S. Q4 GDP estimates to an astonishing 0.1%. Hello, is there anybody out there? We have enjoyed a gigantic party, everybody got fat and sassy and the ENTIRE WORLD SEES IT – but we don’t; we ignore all the warnings. Everybody left the party a long time ago, except for the stupid Americans – you know, the “host” of the party. The host was broke before the party started and now the party has continued without so much as a credit card. Nothing but empty promises, lies and, as an added bonus, dead bodies all over the planet to try to hide the truth and distract the people. I am not trying to be all melodramatic, it is quiet clear at this point. The die is cast. The corruption, lies, propaganda – not to mention the absolute anger in the American public, to say nothing of the world leaders from all corners of the planet who have been attempting to make peace and cut through the nonsense. The presstitutes are even having a hard time ignoring all the signs. It’s a pretty terrifying situation we find ourselves. If you don’t have what you need at this point you had better get ahold of it pretty quick. Shit’s getting real, real quick. Pray up, stock up and load up.

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