September 11

by Rory, The Daily Coin On September 11 the American people were given a warning. A very prominent citizen stood before the world and made it very clear that dark days were ahead and our souls had been raped. A new dictator was coming to power, in the U.S., and the American people needed to wake up to the situation, otherwise, we would be thrust into world war which the American people wanted nothing to do with. On September 11 this prominent citizen explained that movies, produced in Hollywood, would glorify war and the news media, both radio and television, would be used as a means of pushing the agenda of the warmongers. Does all this sound familiar? Sound like something you have heard before? These plans would push America into war unless the people stood tall and realized what was happening. They did not and World War II saw America enter the war. The prominent citizen was Charles Lindberg and the September 11 referenced was in 1941. In 1997 The Project for A New American Century, headed by Dick Chenney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, was born. These men decided that America needed to flex the muscle of the worlds only super-power. This began a series of events and policies, signed into law by Congress, that have lead the U.S. to where we stand today. Mired in unConstitutional wars and hated by the entire world for being nothing more than bully punk killing, destroying and pillaging on a scale unseen in world history. In 2007 it was revealed, by General Wesley Clark, these warmongers had decided the U.S. needed to invade seven different countries in five years time. Why? “I don’t know.” The countries include Libya (done), Iraq (done), Iran (done), Syria (happening now), Somalia, Lebanon and Sudan. The last three countries have been turmoil for several years. Ongoing “civil war” created by the war criminals hiding behind a wall of secrecy and propaganda. What part of our current situation is confusing? What part of the ongoing nightmare, created by a handful of criminals, is a “theory”? If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. These war criminals only posses hammers and the people of the world are the nail.


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