12 news stories from 2015 that prove a mainstream cover-up is already underway

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub

Guerrilla journalist hits ‘mockingbird media’ with hardcore news stories in 2015

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January It’s important to note that while the following news story hasn’t manifested into a reality yet, and hopefully it never does, the U.S. Government has put 10-year deals in placewith foreign countries to house displaced citizens encase the supervolcano does erupt. 

‘1000 mile swath of the U.S. may be destroyed within 2 weeks from an extinction level event’, says park geologist

WYOMING (INTELLIHUB) — As of January 29, 2015, Hank Hessler, a park geologist stationed at Yellowstone National Park since 2002, publicly announced and put only a 2 week time-frame for the supervolcano located under the park to erupt. Although no one knows for sure if Hessler’s prediction will come true, it does set an eerie overtone for people located within a 1000 mile swath of the park. Interestingly enough this information dovetails with information previously reported by Intellihub, making Hessler’s claims all that much more real. Not to mention the fact that there was more than 1,900 documented earthquakes throughout the park in 2014 alone as swarm activity continues to increase. On March 4, 2014, Intellihub came across information, by an unnamed source, who reported that the White House had ordered the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to suppress earthquake swarm data within the region to hide what may be coming from the general public. And this is where it gets scary as Yellowstone and a 1000 mile swath surrounding the park’s supervolcano may be on the brink of an extinction level event (ELE).


X marks the spot: Strange markings appear in front of homes — red and blue list?

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Residents in at least two north-side neighborhoods have been scratching their heads and have even asked police to investigate after finding strange colored markings in front of their homes etched into the curb. Shockingly residents found red and blue Xs painted, and in some cases etched out, on curbs in front of their homes which may possibly signify that the red and blue list round-up is nearing. If you aren’t familiar with the red and blue list it essentially is similar to the Nazi’s round-up of the Jews, except it would take place here in America with American citizens which have been deemed dissidents. A blue mark would signify that residents of the home be taken to a forced labor, FEMA, camp, as these people are not likely to go along with the government’s program in the event of civil unrest. A red mark would signify that the residents of the home need to be terminated by militarized force, hunter-seeker teams, as they would have already been deemed enemy combatants of the state by a current or previous presidential, political, administration. While all of this is just a theory and has been a topic amongst conspiracy theorists for years, some are now questioning what is actually going on.



Armored military vehicles, by the thousands, being relocated to underground bunkers as combat ready troops train for coming civil unrest

TEXARKANA, Ark. (INTELLIHUB) — Nearly 40 U.S. Army soldiers, wielding training rifles, dressed in full combat gear, were spotted participating in an urban warfare style training drill on Feb. 28th. just outside the Texarkana Regional Airport perimeter. After reviewing photos of the drill and talking to trusted military sources it appears that the soldiers were likely training to secure the local airfield in preparation for an unknown future event, possibly an economic crash followed by civil unrest. Even more interesting is the fact that the soldiers, rifles in hand, were out near the highway in plain view of the general public A local resident gave the following statement to Freedom Fighter Reports verifying the secrecy of the drill: “I live in Texarkana, Arkansas. Sometimes I can watch C-130s flying around in the sky during training missions from the Air Force Base in Little Rock, Arkansas. The C-130s are explainable, however on 2/28/15 I witnessed 38 (give or take) U.S. Army soldiers in full combat gear holding training rifles crossing the road and some alongside the road. I can find no local news report of why they were there or what they were doing.”


8 to 9 foot tall fencing erected in parking lot of closed Walmart — barbed wire?

Pardon the pun as they say, but I’m on the fence with this one myself people. I have to say, it doesn’t get any stranger than this. WICHITA, Kans. (INTELLIHUB) — Youtuber DAHBOO777 posted a video recently which shows how an eight foot tall fence is being erected at a local Walmart store by what appears to be a contractor of some type. “This is just the beginning stages of putting it up.”, DAHBOO777 said. In the video the poles which may be as long as 9 feet can later be “topped off” with something else as DAHBOO777 points out. Upon closer inspection of the video it appears the arrangement is set up for such configuration, but I can’t be sure. However if so you could quite possibly be looking at what will soon be an 8 to 9 foot tall barbed wire fence. But again I want to be clear I can’t confirm this aspect at this time. Additionally the rear entrance of the store is also surrounded by large shipping containers, the same ones that were used to secure the rear entrance of the Florida Walmart that also closed. In the video you can also catch a glimpse inside a few of the containers.


Military vehicles are being shipped to a closed Texas Walmart ahead of Jade Helm? (Photos)

LIVINGSTON, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Pictures sent to Intellihub by a reader reveal that military Humvees are indeed being shipped to the recently closed Walmart store, via 18 wheeler, for possible future use. The closed store(s) are possibly being used in the upcoming JADE HELM 15 exercise as speculated early on by conspiracy theorists.

Planet X just revealed by Google Sky? Black swath gone, ‘winged disk’ visible

OUTER SPACE (INTELLIHUB) — For years it has been speculated by conspiracy theorists and some astronomers that Google Sky had been censoring what’s known as Planet X or Nibiru from the general public’s view online. Now, shockingly, a massive swath of Google Sky that had been previously blacked out and censored has been made visible by Google for your viewing pleasure. The image below shows the system as censored by Google for years.


 FEMA official warns: “[…] everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast”, massive natural disaster coming

PACIFIC NORTHWEST (INTELLIHUB) — “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast,” a FEMA official told Kathryn Schulz of the New Yorker. “When the next full-margin rupture happens, that region will suffer the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.”, Schulz wrote about an anticipated future mega-quake. “The worst natural disaster in the history of America is coming […] if I lived right now in the Pacific Northwest I would be considering moving — seriously,” Fox newscaster Shepard Smith warned his audience before going on to explain how a “colossal earthquake and […] tsunami” will likely strike the Pacific Northwest in the not too distant future. “They [scientists] are all in agreement, it is absolutely coming,” said Smith, “a wall of water […] up to a hundred feet high and up to seven-hundred feet across. “Houses […] dump-trucks […] schools” will be washed away, “thousands and thousands will not escape.”


Helicopter caught spraying city populace with larvicide, only 60 foot above ground level

KEY WEST, Florida (INTELLIHUB) — I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted, then captured on film, an ominous helicopter equipped for aerosol discharge, spraying city’s human populace, in what officials claim is being done to control the mosquito population in the area. Shockingly I was buzzed by the low-flying helicopter, which flew over my vehicle at a mere 60 feet above ground level (AGL), while I was driving down Caroline St. at about 7:02 a.m. Friday morning. According to a local source these “aerial larvicide missions via helicopter” began Thursday over the city and may have continued into Friday do to weather patterns.


Federal Reserve beefs up Chicago branch just in case NY branch gets taken out in coming natural disaster

CHICAGO (INTELLIHUB) —  It makes me wonder what people in-the-know, the elites, are expecting to happen in the near future as the U.S. Federal Reserve bank already announced that it is moving a good chunk of its operations out of New York, to Chicago, in hopes to avoid a random natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy which hit Manhattan hard in October of 2012. In fact for the last several years the Chicago Fed has been working hard beefing up their systems, infrastructure and staff to be able to handle what the New York Fed does on a daily basis — just in case. And although this was all announced back in April in a Reuters article titled Exclusive: Wary of natural disaster, NY Fed bulks up in Chicago, it now seems evident that the Fed’s recent transition of power may stem from a known, coming, future event such as the eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano or a massive asteroid strike which, rumors have it, may be coming in September!


More strange fibers rain down from sky onto populace, samples taken

COTTONWOOD, Ariz. (INTELLIHUB) — R. Dyved, a local FedEx driver, submitted the following information to Intellihub, including several photographs which show spiderweb-like fibrous strands that Dyved spotted himself falling from the sky which he later “managed” to collect samples of, putting them in a jar:

“I was doing some research about this exact very article you posted on December 5, 2014. Well, I think this has happened again on Friday. About 11:00 a.m. or there about I saw three large military aircraft fly westbound over Cottonwood. I drive for FedEx and I was then making a delivery. Very unusual. Didn’t think much of it later. Well after around 3:00 p.m. I started noticing web like strands in the air and also all over plants and trees along 89-A from Sedona to Cottonwood. I also later in between these times heard a lone helicopter and spotted it very high up flying west to east. Not sure if this is related, but since it was very high up and made sound it must have been a big one. Your article was almost a mirror incident on what happened today. As well as just about a year later. Strange indeed.” […] “So I woke up this morning to take my cats out in the fenced back yard. I believe I found some fibers on our tile. I grabbed some tweezers to collect it and tried to place it in a small baby food jar. Gosh, was it difficult to get off the tweezers and very small crochet hook. Managed. So I can see as any animal, human walking along can get this on them thinking it was a mere spider web. Not easy to get off once it is on something. It felt sort of like plastic and was very strong. […] Very disturbing indeed.”

Shockingly, just as Dyved pointed out, this very same thing occurred back in December of 2014 and was even covered up by the local mainline media. An article titled C-130 aircraft caught dropping massive ‘raindrop shaped fibers’ onto populace, lab tests confirm “metals” details the actual events.


Refugees being snuck into U.S. on UPS flights?

MIDDLETOWN, Penn. (INTELLIHUB) — An eyewitness claims that he saw at least “thirty” buses being filled with people, possibly refugees, who had disembarked a “UPS flight” at Harrisberg International Airport last Thursday. “These buses just came in on a UPS flight from Harrisberg International Airport […] they had FBI escorts,” said the eyewitness while following two of the buses down a busy highway in his vehicle, capturing them on video. “They snuck em’ out of there.” “Bus number 245,” said the eyewitness. “Why is hundreds of people being snuck in on a UPS flight?”


Eyewitness to terror attack: ‘Three tall white men did it’

SAN BERNARDINO, Calf. (INTELLIHUB) — A few interesting details have surfaced regarding Wednesday’s mass shooting dubbed ‘terror attack’ which killed 14 and injured 17 others. One of the most interesting comes from an eyewitness. We now know that ATF investigators recovered police issued firearms from the alleged shooters. This key detail was leaked by 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina during a press interview after she had overheard a newsroom report that doesn’t fit the official narrative. We also know that active shooter drills actually took place near the crime scene just days before and possibly even on the same day of the mass shooting as reported by Mac Slavo. Additionally details from an eyewitness, who came forth on the day of the shooting, may have been overlooked by investigators and suggest that there were actually ‘three white shooters’ instead of the radicalized husband and wife natural-born killer team portrayed in some mainline reports.

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