Obama’s Terrorism Speech Has Already Had This HUGE Impact- Probably NOT What He Hoped For

by Warner Todd Huston, Western Journalism One of the main tenets in Obama’s rare Oval Office address to the nation was a plea for more gun control. Now, only a few days after that speech, it appears that Obama got a big reaction to his words on guns, but it isn’t likely one he hoped for. It appears now that gun sales are soaring all across the country as many Americans come to believe that Barack Obama and his Democrat cohorts are coming for our guns. As the website BearingArms.com jokes, this latest gun news proves that Obama is “padding his resume as the greatest gun salesman in history.” According to a report from North Carolina “Gun and ammunition sales have been spiking” since Obama’s Sunday evening speech in the oval office. One gun shop owner in Fuquay, NC said, “We even saw an influx of customers coming in purchasing in fear of what (Obama) was going to say.” “With Obama making the statement that he wants to change legislation, get it to where its harder for the public to purchase high-capacity firearms, folks are going to start running to get what they can get ,” said Clay Ausley, the owner of Fuquay Gun & Gold. “The heaviest hitters have been ammunition and high-capacity magazines. The AR mags, the AK mags – they have been flowing out of here like water.” Further, Bob Owens of BearingArms.com reports, that Obama caused the single greatest rise in firearms sales ever, “The anti-gun rhetoric of leading Democrats,” Owens wrote, “and calls by some radical members of the New York media to gut the Second Amendment and even label National Rifle Association members as terrorists, led to the single greatest one day gun sales spike in American history just days ago.” The Guardian also notes that gun sales have exploded across the country but the stock market is also climbing for gun stocks. The paper reports that stocks in Smith & Wesson have surged since the terror attacks in San Bernardino.

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