Papers Please

by Rory, The Daily Coin In the coming new age of the police/surveillance state it is becoming ever clearer who is going to be the enemy of the 1st and 2nd Amendment and the preparedness community; it will be your neighbors, the people claiming to be friends and even your family. The criminals in charge of our world are becoming more desperate as the days go by. If you listen to the recent interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts he paints a realistic picture of the desperation on the world stage. This same picture applies to our neighborhoods. The same desperation is displayed, daily, on the tell-lie-vision. The propaganda, lies and deceit perpetrated by the criminals in Washington DC and delivered by the presstitutes, covered in unicorns and rainbows, grows thicker as the days go by. The economy is failing. Actually, the economy died in 2008 and has been propped up with an illusion of prosperity utilizing the Dow Jones to appease the masses. As long as the nightly national “news” can deliver another “Dow hits another high”, the economy must be doing well. Jim Sinclair calls this MOPE – management of perception economics. Mr. Sinclair is 100% accurate. The only jobs a person can get are at the fast food dump or one of the big-box stores working part-time and for minimum wage. Even these jobs are eluding recent college graduates due to middle age and late life adults need the income in order to maintain their current lifestyle or avoid losing what little bit of wealth they have left. propaganda liberty peopleThis brings us back to the desperation of the criminals. During WWII the nazi’s were able to locate dissidents through the use of the population. The nazi’s had the citizens tell the cops where the Jews were hiding, who had food or whatever information they deemed “important” or against the nazi regime. This exact model was rolled out in 2011. Since the banners, flyers , posters being plastered all over the large cities has not really produced the type of “citizen surveillance” the federal government desires why not try something a little more convenient? The “see something, say something” campaign is now moving to the next level and introducing an app that can be downloaded to your handy-dandy iGadget!! No need to do anything except believe/think/imagine you have “seen something” your neighbor has done “to you” and viola!! killer cops are unleashed. Who knows you may get flash bombed, have your dog killed or just beaten to within an inch of your life. The possibilities are endless!!

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