Turkey and the End of NATO?

by Rory, The Daily Coin In one of the more revealing interviews regarding the situation between Syria, Turkey, Russia and NATO (read U.S), Dr.Roberts drops a couple of previously unknown truths regarding the whole situation. The first, and one of the disturbing items to emerge in the new surveillance/police/military state we now live in, is a piece of technology that Russia has developed that will block/scramble all digital communications including satellites, ships and air support. Think about that for a moment. All digital signals completely scrambled in a targeted area the size of a county, a city, a neighborhood or an individual piece of equipment? Currently we do not know. Dr. Roberts summarizes that Turkey was ordered to shot down the Russian Su-24 fighter jet in order to force Russia to use this new technology more often so the U.S./Israel could try and capture information about this new technology to reverse engineer or at least learn something about it. Apparently, the West just learned about this technology within the last few days/weeks. The other piece of very revealing information Dr. Roberts drops on us is Victoria Nuland may have met with Turkey officials, presuming she would have met with Erdogan, to discuss what is happening with ISIS, Syria and Turkey. Wherever and whenever Victoria Nuland shows up death and destruction always follow. Look at Ukraine, Greece and now this situation involving Turkey and Russia. Dr. Roberts referring to Erdogan: “He’s sort of loose cannon; he has a loose screw…” How can the U.S., in particular Obama, continually attempt to sell the citizens that ISIS is real? When there are direct lines of evidence that can be seen by anyone that simply looks at what is being presented, outside of Washington and the mainstream media, it leaves little doubt the CIA, Pentagon, along with Israel and the Mossad are the real face of ISIS. Call them what you wish, but at my house they are called mercenaries. A trained killer hired by a government, that is not a member of that governments standing military force, is a mercenary, period. This brings us to the latest development of World War III. Turkey’s “president” Erdogan and his family have been allowing ISIS to deliver their stolen oil into Turkey where president Erdogan takes delivery and resells on the open market. Turkey is a member NATO, which means they are allied with the U.S. and the U.K. If Turkey is an ally how are they part of this oil smuggling situation with ISIS that is the main funding mechanism for ISIS without the U.S. and U.K. knowing what is happening? It doesn’t work that way.

Putin presents evidence of illegal ISIS oil trade at G20 Pictures taken from space and from aircraft showed the scale of the illegal trade in acquiring oil and petroleum products from the “Islamic state”, said the Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 meeting. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia showed pictures at the meeting from space showing the scale of the oil trade of ISIS. “I showed our colleagues our pictures from space of the aircraft, which clearly show the scale of the illegal trade in acquiring oil and oil products. The motor vehicles of the refuelling column stretched for dozens of kilometers, so much so that from a height of 4-5 thousand meters they go over the horizon “, – Putin said at a press conference after the summit, G20. “It looks just like the oil pipeline system. With colleagues this question will be discussed, and I hope that in the future we will continue this work which, in my opinion, is extremely important for the fight against terror,” – he added.

As the situation continues unfolding in Turkey the Europeans are beginning to question their alliance to NATO and what purpose NATO serves. With the U.S. attempting to bring Ukraine, Georgia and already including Turkey, the original members of NATO are beginning to see this as a liability instead of an asset. Under NATO rules and regulations all members of NATO are REQUIRED to accept refugees, this includes the U.S. The European nation states, which are currently under siege by a flood of refugees, are beginning to take action to either block the onslaught of refugees, deport the refugees that have already arrived or a combination of the two. As Dr. Roberts explains:

“The Europeans are beginning to learn how dangerous NATO is. Originally it was the Northern European Treaty Alliance (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), to prevent the Red Army from over running Europe. Well now it’s a huge thing, it’s got all kinds of countries in it that have no reason to be it; there’s no Russian threatening to overrun Europe. NATO should’ve ended when the Soviet Union collapsed.” 

The Europeans are beginning to agree with this train of thought; probably not the so-called “leadership” of the European Union, but the people in the individual nation states. Massive demonstrations, fences being erected, walls being erected and the people, in general, standing up to this chaos being thrust upon them. “The Silver Lining“Without the cover of NATO, we (the U.S.) can’t get away it (taking the world to war). We don’t have the forward bases.” Dr. Roberts Since NATO, like Wall Street banksters, the City of London banksters and the governments of both the U.S. and the U.K., are all drunk with power and QE funding, they believe they can do what they wish, when they wish to whom they wish. Most psychopaths are their own worst enemy. They are usually the mechanism of their on undoing. Will this be the case in Europe and, specifically, with NATO? Having all these new members in NATO, the Baltic’s, Poland and several other new members, the original NATO alliance senses the reality of the situation which would bring about another war in their front and back yard. The people of Europe, unlike the Americans, know all too well what war is about, how it feels, what it does and the destruction it creates. The only way to avoid another large scale European war is for NATO to break apart. This will be brought about by the nation states of Europe. Once a single member of NATO stands up and says “No more!” that will begin the unraveling. Will we see that manifest over the coming weeks or months? I certainly hope so, as the megalomaniacs in charge are making it almost impossible to avoid another large scale European based war.

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