Jeff Nielson: Silver’s Thirty Year Mystery

by Rory, The Daily Coin Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada, recently penned “Thirty Years of Silver Supply Deficit“. After diving into this article I thought it would be a good idea to have Jeff explain some of this to a larger audience. Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report, was the spark for Jeff’s analysis, when Steve penned OFFICIAL RELEASE: World Silver Deficits –12 Years Running Mr. St. Angelo reviewed the past twelve years and that was the missing piece that Jeff needed to tie all of his work together. The following two part interview is a compelling review of what has happened, what is happening now and what could happen in light of the geopolitical situations playing out around the world today.

“Russia and China, of course, call them “parallel” today, but they must snicker behind the scenes when they use that word, because they are not “parallel institutions” they are replacement institutions.” Jeff referring to the financial and monetary systems and institutions that Russia and China have built up over the past decade to replace the IMF, BIS, US Dollar, SWIFT and the list goes on.

Within the next fews days the IMF will make their recommendation regarding the inclusion of the Chinese Renminbi (Yuan) in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of currencies. China has felt for a number of years the Renminbi should be included as it one of the most used currencies in the world. It is no secret that China has been creating direct currency swaps with some of the largest economies in the world. This means when, for example, China conducts business with Japan neither country is required to use the US Dollar as a settlement currency. These two countries simply conduct the trade using swapping Japanese Yen for Chinese Renminbi. This is a direct threat to the US Dollar hegemony. We discuss the implications of how the Renminbi being including or not being included in the SDR will impact gold, silver and the global markets.

“If the West has no gold it doesn’t really matter if China has five thousand tons or twenty-five thousand tons…it is still the central power. It doesn’t matter if Russia has three thousand tons or fifteen thousand tons, it’s number two. If the majority of gold is being held in those Eastern powers, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a total of ten thousand tons or a total of thirty thousand tons because that’s just a function of price…

And that ladies and gentlemen is one of the main reasons for holding physical gold and physical silver. The power is shifting East. The US and the Western world are rapidly becoming a nonissue and the corrupt, criminality associated with the US Dollar debt instrument, are going to be of little function in the coming years and decades. If you want your children to have a chance in the coming new economy, please hedge your bet and acquire at least a little gold and a little silver. Otherwise, they will be washed away in debt. Jeff breaks it all down and delivers one the best views of what has happened over the past thirty years with silver and how this will effect all of us going forward. UPDATE: As you will hear in Part II, I explain to Jeff that the U.S. can not win a war against Russia and China. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts confirms, in a must listen interview, explains the Russians do in fact have weapons the West knew nothing about and one of these new weapons has the ability to scramble ALL lines of communication over vast areas. Part I Part II

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