Black Friday: The Threat from Within

by Rory, The Daily Coin I don’t mean to sound uncaring or cold-hearted this is just another sign of our derelict society. Who is the bigger threat, ISIS or the people stampeding at the local super center on black Friday? How many people do you know that have been killed by a so-called “terrorist”? The number is so low the CDC, who keeps up with the number of annual deaths for a wide variety of reasons, doesn’t even account for “terrorist” deaths. The CDC does count the number of people that die from marijuana, which is usually less than 100. So, the number of people that die from “terrorist attacks” must be a lot less. My heart goes out to the families that have been effected by these senseless killings, usually perpetrated by the “ruling class”, and blamed on a CIA funded, trained and armed organization like al-Queda or ISIS. What about our own ignorance, greed and lust? Does that count? The idiots that will be camping out, lining up and forgoing a family retreat on Thanksgiving are nothing less than shameful. These people, probably a lot from the college campus’ across the country, will be trampling, stampeding and basically creating chaos for the opportunity to purchase some cheap piece of nothing to give to their child, spouse or sibling. Talk about progress!! We have evolved to the point of less than other animals. My guess is, on Thursday, most of the other animals in the animal kingdom will be spending the day with their families and not really concerned about the items “on sale” at the local super center. You know the super center, the ones filled with imported items that have ended the shoppers jobs and the future of their children? Yeah, those items at those stores. Never-mind spending time with your loved ones, there’s cheap crap to purchase with money we don’t have to give to people we don’t like!! Thanksgiving has been stampeded and trampled as some of the shoppers will be come Thursday night – Friday morning.

Insanity! We Don’t Need Terrorists, We Have Black Friday!

And then we have this gem.

Is Black Friday Racist?

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