Who’s Really Sleeping?

by Rory, The Daily Coin We need everybody on board. We had better start acting like there is a real problem, seen, unseen, known, unknown. Who knows something is very, very wrong with our economy, financial system and geopolitical arena? We better start acting like the problems are real and not somewhere else, but right here at our house. With the turmoil that has been unleashed on our world over the past year is it any wonder people are on edge and falling further into a trance? The U.S. government has been particularly unruly with their failed foreign policies, drone strikes on innocent people and the recent bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan. This is to say nothing of the manipulation that has been ongoing with the monthly employment figures or the militarization of local police. Does anyone actually think the U.S. has 5% unemployment or that the cops-on-the-beat are there to “protect and serve” the general public? The mainstream media has been in full support of the activities of the White House and Congress, merely “reporting” what they are told by the speech writers for the President or individual members of CONgress. This should be a crime. The mainstream media no longer has reporters or journalist. The talking heads that come on TeeVee are merely another prop, like the green screen behind them; easily replaced if they don’t tow the line. How do we protect ourselves from this ongoing deluge of propaganda, lies and deceit? We simply turn off the TeeVee and begin doing our own research. We find some credible online news sites and we support them by visiting them and recommending them to our friends and families. Currently, there are thousands, if not millions, of people around the world who are seeking truth and who have had enough of the nonsense being spewed at them on a daily basis. I tell people all the time there are people that, tonight, will go to bed and lay awake with questions they can’t ask. Why? They aren’t sure what the question is much less where to seek the answer. That’s where we play a role. We listen to what others are saying. When we listen we are given clues as to what is really bothering someone. It could be something simple like a grunt or an off hand comment regarding another soundbite provided by the radio talk show host or the talking head on Tell-Lie-Vision. We must act at that moment and ask them why they said what they said – this shows them you are concerned about what they think and, more importantly, how they feel. A persons feelings are their own – no one else can tell you how to feel, period. When you open the door to someone’s feelings they are, usually, very responsive. If we just go through life without helping others what have we accomplished? Mostly nothing. When we extend a hand and pull someone up they in turn will usually do the same. This all sounds so simple and you know what? It is simple. It is NOT easy, but it is simple. The easy path is to just ignore your family and friends and tell yourself “they will never understand” “I have tried for years to TELL them about what is going on in the world and THEY DON”T LISTEN.” You know what, you’re 100% correct. They will never listen until you listen and demonstrate what is happening, LISTEN to THEM and not you. When the door opens, you had better be ready, as that door may only open once and it may only be open for a few seconds or a few minutes. If we are going to make changes in our world and move away from the criminal activity being foisted upon us daily, we must begin changing ourselves. The people around us will catch on, unless they are as brain-dead as a box of hammers. Very few people are actually as brain-dead as box of hammers, so we have lots of opportunities. If you are serious about ending this ongoing nightmare in our economy, in our communities and in our world, then we must begin listening for clues provided by the “asleep”. We have a responsibility to help another person, either we can take your responsibility seriously or we just pick up a blue pill on our way out the door. At the end of the day we are no different than the ones sleeping, we are just a couple of steps ahead. If we allow others to remain “asleep” are we truly “awake”?

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