Something is Happening…The Criminals are Getting Desperate!

by Rory, The Daily Coin With this latest move by the bullion banking cartel one can only believe that something is very, very wrong. We had the situation in Paris on Friday, which I believe most of the evidence points to a false flag event and today an all out attack on gold and silver. Of course I encourage each of you to make your own decisions but it seems like an opportune time to get things in order. If you haven’t secured your gold and silver for the unfolding changes today would be an excellent day to acquire a few more coins or begin gathering some while they are still available. Something is happening, as The Doc has a “buy-back” campaign going on, which tells me the supplies are super tight. So, how will this end? How will gold and silver react to China possibly being added to the basket of currencies and the IMF’s SDR in December? Since China has built a financial systems infrastructure what are the implications for 2016? Should be interesting. You combine these events with yet another explosion in China‘s shipping district and the mainstream media in America telling everyone to brace for another terrible holiday spending season and it seems like the wheels are coming off the dollar ponzi scheme. I am not saying that is what’s happening but it appears that whatever “broke” a few months back is beginning to rise to the surface. The stench of rot is becoming more pronounced everyday.  

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