Evaporating Credibility

by Rory, The Daily Coin How can the U.S. be taken seriously on the world stage, or any stage, when the “leadership” acts like this is a game? If ISIS is the “enemy of the world”, a scourge on the planet, why has it taken the West millions of dollars, hundreds of lives and the loss of land masses to accomplish nothing? We have been told over and over and over again the U.S. is the badest of the badasses when it comes it military might. If that is the case, what is the hold-up? What is the problem in taking out a group of 10-12 thousand rag-tag cave dwellers? Where is this story falling apart? Why has Russia in less than a month been able to accomplish the goals the West has set forth? I thought Russia was the enemy? I thought ISIS was the enemy? Why is Russia seeking to work with the U.S. to eliminate ISIS but the U.S. continually says they will not work with Russia to eliminate a common enemy? Where does the story fall apart? Who is the real problem? Is Russia bombing hospitals or is it the U.S.? Is the U.S. bombing ISIS targets that are verifiable? “Evaporating” an individual is not a verifiable target. “Jihad John” has now been “vaporized”. So what? What about the other 10-12 THOUSAND warriors who keep driving around in their fleet of brand new Toyota trucks? You know, the trucks the U.S. State Department furnished?

The US Treasury has recently opened an inquiry about the so-called “Islamic State’s” (ISIS/ISIL) use of large numbers of brand-new Toyota trucks. The issue has arisen in the wake of Russia’s air operations over Syria and growing global suspicion that the US itself has played a key role in arming, funding, and intentionally perpetuating the terrorist army across Syria and Iraq.

ABC News in their article, “US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks,” reports:

U.S. counter-terror officials have asked Toyota, the world’s second largest auto maker, to help them determine how ISIS has managed to acquire the large number of Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs seen prominently in the terror group’s propaganda videos in Iraq, Syria and Libya, ABC News has learned.  Toyota says it does not know how ISIS obtained the vehicles and is “supporting” the inquiry led by the Terror Financing unit of the Treasury Department — part of a broad U.S. effort to prevent Western-made goods from ending up in the hands of the terror group.

The report went on to cite Iraqi Ambassador to the US, Lukman Faily:

“This is a question we’ve been asking our neighbors,” Faily said. “How could these brand new trucks… these four wheel drives, hundreds of them — where are they coming from?”

Not surprisingly, it appears the US Treasury is asking the wrong party. Instead of Toyota, the US Treasury’s inquiry should have started next door at the US State Department.

In an article from TPNN, apparently Russia is making ISIS, at the G20 meeting, a topic of discussion. If the U.S. wants to eliminate ISIS, it seems it would be topic of discussion for Obama as much as for Putin. There are approximately 120 people dead in Paris because of ISIS but the U.S. will not work with someone who has a vested interest in eliminating the ISIS target? Why?

Saying that joint strikes at the “barbarian” Islamic State militants in Syria are necessary, Russian President Vladimir Putin is appealing to Western leaders to bury their differences with Russia and to cooperate with Moscow in combating ISIS. Putin says the terror that tore at Paris underscores the immediate need for such concerted retaliation.

The article went on to say:

Tweeted Alexey Pushkov, a senior lawmaker and the chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the lower house of the Russian parliament: “Russia is fighting in Syria against those who blew up Paris and declared war on Europe. It is time for the West to stop criticising Moscow and to form a joint coalition.” Russia has reportedly been working for weeks to coordinate with the U.S., sharing intelligence about ISIS targets while at the same time seeking the creation of a broader coalition to confront the Islamic State menace in Syria. Washington has rejected all of Russia’s proposals, sources claim.

I will continue asking why the U.S. can not seem to eliminate targets, outside of a single individual, who has been “evaporated”, and why Russia is eliminating targets, working with the Syrian government and taking charge of the situation. Who is the world leader, superpower? Who is the one making progress to eliminate this plague? Who is the one standing in the way of progress and refusing to help? The veil gets lifted a little higher everyday.

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