SoT #64 – Jeff Brown: The Truth Behind U.S. Military Aggression In The South China Sea

by SoT, The Daily Coin The islands in the South China Sea are mentioned in documents going back to China’s Han Dynasty in 200 B.C. Currently China occupies just 8 of the 52 occupied Spratly Islands, Yet, the overt U.S. military aggression in the South China Sea is directed specifically at China. Viet Nam occupies 25 islands, the Philippines occupies 10 islands, Malaysia occupies 7 islands, and Taiwan occupies some islands. China occupies only 15% of the occupied islands, while U.S. political/military sock-puppet countries control the rest. What’s going on and why is the United States spending a lot of money militarily confronting China over these 8 islands? This is part of America’s grand strategy to destablize China – and to divide Korea, Japan, and the Phillipines from China – keep them at odds with each other. The old divide and conquer strategy. – Jeff Brown ( on Shadow of Truth Prior to 1949, the Rand-McNally map always showed the South China Sea and the Spratly Islands as part of mainland China. When Mao Zedong and the Communist Party took control of China in October 1949, thereby establishing the Peoples Republic of China, he kicked out all of the western colonialists and Japanese imperialists. The Spratly Islands disappeared from the Rand-McNally map. The United States ever since has never stopped trying to overthrow the Communist Party since 1949. So there’s 52 occupied islands and China occupies only 8 of them. What about all those other countries? This is the American Empire – the big bully – who hates the Communists and hates the Chinese and can’t stand the fact that it does not lord over Chinese resources. – Jeff Brown China took two reefs and built two more small islands and and developed communities of economic activity.  If anything, because of its overt military aggression toward China over these legal Chinese legal island, the U.S is forcing China to place military assets on these islands in order for China to defend its interests. What’s really going on here? China, South Korea and Japan are trying to form a free trade zone, something which the U.S. opposes. China was excluded from the TPP Treaty and this trade partnership among China/S Korea/Japan – which represents 20% of the global GDP – would partially undermine the U.S.-directed TPP Treaty in this region. The presence of U.S. military power in the South China Sea region is extraordinary.  South Korea and Japan are de facto U.S. military occupied countries.  Viet Nam, the Philippines and Japan are essentially U.S. lap dogs.   The U.S. military aggression toward China is part of a military strategy to destabilize and reassume control over China politically and economically that dates back to 1949:

The U.S. will never stop trying to destroy China as long as the Communist Party is in power.  – Jeff Brown

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