Trained Like Circus Animals

by Rory, The Daily Coin Over the course of the past 8-10 generations we have been dumb-downed to the point where we actually accept 140 characters, including spaces and punctuation, as language/speech. I know I am guilty of accepting this practice. It’s called twitter. We have also come to accept “virtual interactions” as reality. It’s called Facebook. If our language is corrupt, we are more easily corrupted and more willing to accept corruption as a way of life. All of this began in 1913 when our money and currency became corrupt. If your money is corrupt by default the people in charge of the money are corrupt. If these people are corrupt they have to corrupt others in order for the scheme to work. It has worked like a charm. The language had to be corrupted in 1913 to convince people, the masses, to accept pieces of paper for their gold. Was there any backlash? Did the people stand up and revolt? Nope. They accepted this paradigm shift with little more than a voice crying in the forrest. By 1964, when the silver removed from our currency there wasn’t even the voice crying in the forrest. The people accepted this out right theft with no resistance at all. When Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 no one even noticed. I am willing to bet an ounce of gold to $100 dollar bill that if you ask people, that would have been old enough to know what happened, that most if not all would barely remember and they would have no comment outside of “yes, I remember that happening”. There would be no connection to that event and what we are experiencing today with the monetary, financial and economic collapse unfolding right in front of the world. These corruption happened due to our language being manipulated. Language that made the Federal Reserve sound like a Federal government entity. It is not. It is a private, offshore corporation, wholly owned by the member banks, including, today, the likes of JP Morgan/Chase, CITI, Goldman Sachs and a handful of others. The people do not know this because of the wording/language has been corrupted to make the untouchable Federal Reserve sound like it is part of the government. During 1980’s the U.S. experienced a major banking crisis. The banksters were corrupt stealing the people savings from their accounts and a great many of them went to jail. Approximately 1,500 banksters were prosecuted, by Bill Black. They paid fines, spent time in prison and some were black-listed from banking. Did anyone notice the debt ceiling is going to be raised? Was there any debate?

from Best Evidence

In 2007-2008 the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with Congress and the U.S. Treasury, held the American people hostage and demanded a ransom of $750 Billion. The threat was made real when, then Secretary of the Treasury Henry “Hank” Paulson, explained to Congress the entire banking system would collapse within a few days, there would be “tanks in the streets” and we would be bankrupt, if there demands were not met. Congress, in essence, handed the Federal Reserve a blank check. This was all a lie, a fabrication, a scam. The citizens of this nation were pissed and wanted nothing to do with this scam. Congress had other ideas and gave the privately owned, offshore corporation that pays no taxes, Federal Reserve the blank check. The important part of this scam is the next thing that happened. The members of CONgress were voted, once again, to continue with their position of not representing the people. This completed the circle of total and absolute criminality. The members of CONgress that were voted, by the people, to continue not representing them, had won. The corruption was assured to continue. The theft of the American citizens wealth was assured. Fast forward to today. What is happening? The same thing that was happening in 2007-2008 except it is much larger and much, much worse. The theft continues unabated. There is one massive difference and George Carlin said it so well “…no one seems to notice, no one seems to care…” From my perspective most of this has been perpetuated by language and the manipulation of important words, money, currency, Federal and the list goes on. If we, the awake and aware don’t get back to using proper language in every aspect of our lives the masses will never be educated to what has happened and what continues to happen. Final question/thought. Why do you think the elite and government are as terrified of the internet as they have shown? from Charlie McGrath Listen to the truth about the situation in Europe, Greece and the absolute lies, deceit and propaganda we are fed on a daily basis by governments and media. from ifo Institut – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung an der Universität München e.V.

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