Marching in Lock-Step

by Rory, The Daily Coin It has become all too clear that as our nation transforms into a totalitarian, nanny state, our greatest enemy may not be the state at all, but rather our neighbors and the people we used to claim as friends. No the local militarized cops will still be there to beat you to death, shot you on sight or break in to your home, but they will arrive on the scene at the request of one of your neighbors. Today we see a growing trend, especially on college campuses, that is quiet disturbing. I can not say what has caused this turn of events but I can say one of the possible reasons is the “free-stuff army” (FSA). You know, the people that are now either into their third or fourth generation of being entitled to your labor through taxation. If your food continually just “magically appears” after a while, I would imagine, that a person begins to believe that everything should just be as magical and put out there just for me. It seems the FSA has morphed into a brigade of self centered, whining entitled babies. No, you are not allowed to say that or do that as someones feelings may be hurt and we just can’t allow that to happen. You know, in real life everybody’s a winner and gets a blue ribbon!

As Robert Richardson points out, at OffGridSurvival:

Is Political Correctness a Threat to our Survival?

Recently, we have witnessed a number of large-scale social disruptions that can be tied directly to our current P.C. victimization culture. From the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, to widespread social unrest on campuses throughout the United States, we are seeing a shift in our culture. People who live their lives pretending to be perpetual victims have now declared war on the rest of society. The college campuses that used to claim to be a bastion for freedom of thought, speech, and expression have turned into communist utopias where speech that offends any group – except groups talking about traditional American values – is now not only banned, but apparently being prosecuted by campus police.

We have officially entered the twilight zone, Oopps, can’t say that, it might offend someone as it is a reference to people being crazy – oopps again, can’t call people crazy, what I meant was – f’g crazy. Someone is going to have to explain what these new “American values” are to me as I don’t really seem to understand. I guess I have been under the misguided belief that American values meant something like standing up for yourself, being in charge of your own life, looking at a crime being committed and running to stop it or defend the person in trouble, critical thought or being free to express yourself; these types of values I have always thought of as American values. Not so much any more, group think is the only think that is allowed and if you are on the wrong side of the group – watch out! I can only imagine what people around the world see when it is reported that a group of students are able to force the President of a major university into resignation because some people thought he was too white. Being white, you know, is now pretty much a crime; especially if you are a middle aged white male – you are the new vermin/scourge that must eradicated at all cost. What does someone, in say Turkey, see when this type of nonsense is reported? What do they think? What would someone in Niger, Africa think about a bunch of college students attacking a journalist because the journalist was reporting a story on campus? Does the subject matter the journalist was covering play a part? Should it play a part? Does the 1st Amendment even exist or has the politically crowd cowards grown to the point of being in charge of whatever they deem as important? Am I not allowed to critically think or express my thoughts without you beating me over the head with your nonsense about your feelings being hurt? No, the new enemy is not the militarized local cops, although they are a formidable enemy, the real enemy will be the person you least expect, your neighbor, your child or some random person at the mall/grocery. These are the real enemies and as the stench of rot continues to rise, these parasites will become an even greater threat to our personal liberties and freedoms. It seems the dirtbags in Washington DC and the think tanks in the back room have done an outstanding job of socially engineering the youth into lock step against nonconformity.

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