Again…Never, Ever Use the Word Inflation

by Rory, The Daily Coin When I wrote Never, Ever Use the Word Inflation, it was very clear the mainstream media had their marching orders on how to placate the public regarding the astronomical price increases on everything from food, to healthcare to housing. Blame it on anything but inflation. You are allowed to attack a companies manufacturing process, by shrinking the size of the container/products, just don’t call it inflation. This morning I ran across another fine example of CIA Operation Mockingbird nonsense. Bloomberg produced a piece about food costs “surging”. What could be the cause? QE, ZIRP, a total manipulation of our monetary and financial systems? Of course not! El Nino is the reason!! You just can’t make this stuff up. The relentless distractions of the real problem as presented by one of the main propagandist for the Federal Reserve, the criminals on Wall Street and in Washington DC:

The effects of El Nino are starting to reach the dinner table, with global food prices rising the most in three years on supply concerns for everything from New Zealand milk to sugar in Brazil and Southeast Asian palm oil.

An index of 73 food prices increased 3.9 percent, the biggest jump since July 2012, to 162 in October, the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization wrote in a report Thursday.

The return of the El Nino weather phenomenon is changing weather conditions around the world, damaging crops with too much rain in some areas and not enough in others.

While the weather is completely jacked-up around the world, no doubt is causing the loss of crops in farming communities, what effect does the weather have on health care? What effect does weather have on shrinking sizes of containers/products? What possible effect would weather have on education or housing? These are the areas of massive inflation. Shrinking container/product sizes are nothing more than “hidden” inflation. In Middle Tennessee we are experiencing everything from 3 to 35% food inflation, across the board. The only service that Bloomberg provides in this article is a recognition that inflation is DOUBLE what the Federal Reserve claims to be their “target” for inflation. Don’t forget what inflation actually is: wealth transfer by stealth means. The Federal Reserve, every time one of these criminals says the target for inflation is 2%, they are telling you they are planning on transferring 2% of your wealth to the people at the very top of the monetary, economic and financial food chain.

Again…Never, Ever call it inflation, as that lets the cat out of the bag and the people would be educated as to what is actually happening to their dollars, their retirement and their families and we can’t have that!

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