Suspicious of Washington?

by Rory, The Daily Coin If you think the people in Washington DC are looking out for, care about or represent you, I’m sorry to say you couldn’t be more wrong. Have you ever worked at a job where your boss didn’t think much of you or your Team? Always making snide remarks about people or creating an air of cut-throat competition? Maybe they stole your ideas and claimed them as their own. This is pretty common in the work place today. Now, let’s look at the office of the President. If the President is corrupt, talks down to the citizens and Congress experiences this on a daily basis, doesn’t that create the same type of environment, just on a much larger scale? If the office of the President makes a comment, like Obama made on Tuesday, what does that say to the citizens of this country? Here is the comment: Obama: “Suspicious Of Washington” Electorate Driving Political “Silly Season”

“You know, political season is always a little bit of a silly season,” Obama said. “I do think that what’s different this time is that particularly in the Republican party you have, I think, the most disgruntled, or suspicious of Washington portion of the electorate that is driving the process.” [Source]

Let’s examine a few of the words this man uses during a national broadcast on the evening news. The absolute arrogance of this scumbag is almost beyond belief. Obama (obomba) says …the Republican party you have… The Republican party you have? Full context is above so there is no way a person can say that I am taking this out of context and misrepresenting his words. The fact that Obama (obomba) creates a separation and formally acknowledges that the Republican party is something separate needs to be taken into consideration. Obama (obomba), is in essence, stating that he doesn’t work with the Republican party as it belongs to something else and not the Office of the President, nor is the Republican party connected to him in any way, shape or form. The Republican party is wholly separate and is, therefore, not worthy of his time. Now, if you look at how I arrived at this conclusion you will see a little clearer what I mean. His words “…the most disgruntled, or suspicious of Washington portion of the electorate…” Once again, you have the full context, so you can make your own determination if I have fallen off the deep end or if I am in fact reading this properly. Which person/persons reading this is not disgruntled with Washington DC, the Congress and the Office of the President? According a great many polls the citizens of this nation are completely fed up with these criminals who no longer represent anyone except themselves. For Obama (obomba) to say “the most disgruntled” is, once again, creating a wall of separation; one in which he takes no responsibility. Yes, there are thousands, if not millions, of people that are disgruntled. What should be expected after seven years of bold-faced lies and deceit? I’m not going to even think about beginning to list all the items Obama (obomba) back-tracked, but I am going to point a couple. Obamacare, which he said we would be able to keep our doctor and the cost of insurance would go down. Both lies. Obama claimed he would not sign section 1021, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), indefinite detention, without cause or trial, on military bases for any citizen of the world, including American citizens. Not only did he sign this into law, he signed it on New Years eve, 2011, under the cover of darkness. Disgruntled, yeah, maybe just a little. What about the second have of that statement he made on national television to the American public? “…suspicious of Washington portion of the electorate…” Yet more wall building on the part of Obama (obomba). Why would anyone be suspicious of Washington DC? Why would anyone not fall at their feet and thank them for “protecting us” and “spreading freedom around the world”? Why would anyone, anyone who can read or listen, not just fall all over themselves to thank these people who have turned their backs on us? Once again, the list of “accomplishments” is entirely too long, but if we examine a couple of the items the picture gets much, much clearer. Why are our phone calls, emails, every digital stroke on a computer or cell phone recorded, warehoused and, ultimately, used to build a profile of you, your family and your friends? Why? What is the purpose? To protect us? I don’t need nor want this government or any government “protecting” me. Protect me from what? ISIS? You mean the CIA manufactured terrorist organization al-Queada/ISIS? What about the Pentagon providing military armament, weapons, helicopters and all the support technology to local police? The same equipment that was in Iraq, Afghanistan and various other war zones around the world are now in our neighborhoods. Why is that necessary? So, yes, Obama (obomba), there are major issues that you have created, that you have delivered to the American citizen and now your arrogance and hubris is so engrained that you believe no one is watching and you can say whatever you wish. Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe the citizens of this nation have been so dumbed-down that you and your criminal friends can, literally, get away with murder. Your reign of terror is ending. Your regime is on it’s way out. Will the election “save us”? Absolutely not. The only thing that will save us is ourselves. We can only do all that we can in order to insure our futures and begin rebuilding what has been torn down. Occupy Tennessee is one of the ways we can do that. Occupy your state is another way to carry the message forward and begin making a difference. Only 5% of the nation supported the Founding Fathers. Imagine if we had 5% of our nation, today, moving in the same direction our Founding Fathers moved.

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