In Search of “Moderate Opposition” or U.S. State Dept trying to Save Credibility

by Rory, The Daily Coin Can someone please explain to me what a “moderate terrorist” is? Is this someone that will only shot it’s victims and not use IED’s or blow up buildings? What is a “moderate terrorist”? The warmongers in Washington DC and Langley (headquarters of the CIA) put together al-Queada in 1978 under Zbig while he was the National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter. al-Queada morphed into ISIS when Obama (obomba) decided that Libya’s oil was too important, I mean Muammar Gaddafi was too popular, sorry, I mean an unreasonable dictator. This is when ISIS began their reign of terror. The first real clue that ISIS was a CIA manufactured terror organization was at the moment they were moving across Iraq – some 10,000 strong – murdering, slashing and burning as they moved along. We have four massive military bases in Iraq. One would think that a group of 10,000 people slashing and burning through the middle of an occupied territory would be cause for concern – it wasn’t. So, I ask again, what is a the definition of a “moderate terrorist”? Who are the “Syrian rebels” that are suppose to be fighting Assad to remove him from office? Is this a brigade from Academi X formerly known as Blackwater? You know, the mercenaries under contract with the U.S. military. Did I say mercenaries; I meant “contractors” that just happen to be armed to the teeth with the latest military killing equipment. from RT: The US has reiterated its support for the so-called moderate opposition in Syria, despite a State Department official admitting that some of the backed rebels have joined an Al-Qaeda affiliate.

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