Is Putin Good?

TDC Note – I agree with Mr. Still to degree, but take exception to some of his commentary. from Bill Still I recently got a comment in on my report, SR 442 on Sweden’s immigration problems. But the comment goes way deeper than Sweden – and it’s important because at its heart is a problem which the world – and our children – will be dealing with into the foreseeable future. From David Johnson: “Bill, with the issues you’re concerned about – the debt money system, the control it wields over the press and academia, mass surveillance, and the immigration invasion, it makes sense to stop the Russia bashing.” Well, David, I’m not “Russia bashing” anymore than I will bash anyone who pretends to support freedom to hide a core of dictatorship, Recent example: when Putin went into Syria and announced that he was going after ISIS and would save the Christians, I stopped in my tracks. I briefly thought to myself, “Am I wrong about Putin? Is he really trying to do something good?” However, it only took about 48 hours for the fog to lift as we saw Putin primarily go after U.S. interests, and only feign hostility towards ISIS targets. Do you seriously think that Putin does not practice a surveillance state in today’s Russia? Do you seriously think that Putin does not have a firm grip over Russian academia, or the Russian electronic and print news media? The only thing Putin is doing right is enforcing border security. However, only for Russia. For everyone else, he is trying his best to destroy it to weaken the West. So, this is good for Russia; but bad for the values of freedom for the rest of us. David, you are obviously an RT fan. RT – at its core – is nothing but old Soviet disinformation ops. They are intent on hyping the problems with the U.S., minimizing the good things. In the past 2 years how many RT anchors have quit in disgust once they figured this out? Either 5 or 6. So what is at the core of all this? There is a malevolent force that wishes to crush freedom worldwide by consolidating power in trade, in economics, in banking, in academia, in politics, and even in religion – a disguised dictatorship from which humankind can never escape. Some believe we have already reached that point. I don’t believe that. I think as long as the Holy Spirit is present on earth, it is still available to every conscience, and is guiding us towards good – to win as many souls as possible for the good. Which side of this issue is Putin on? He may not know. But objectively, it is difficult to make the case that he is a freedom-loving democrat. All evidence points to the fact that he is personally the richest oligarch in Russia and is determined only to broaden Russia’s power, and thereby, his power. Yes, he may believe that he is trying to preserve Russia and allow the Muslims to weaken the West, but a day will surely come when he will wish he had a stronger west to ally with. I would welcome an alliance with Russia if it was really interested in fostering human freedom. Putin has the power to use RT for this purpose. Imagine if RT hammered away every day on the debt money system and supported the efforts of monetary reformers in England, Holland, Germany, Greece, the U.S. and Canada, Israel and Malaysia – to name a few. But he can’t. Why? Russia’s debt to GDP ratio is exploding. It was a mere 32.5% in 2014. Why so low? Because Russia defaulted in 1998. This year, Russia’s debt-to-GDP ratio has nearly doubled over 2014’s, and it may double again next year, placing Russia in the top 5 debtor nations on earth. The U.S. is not far behind, it’s taken the U.S. 180 years to get there! In short, the debt money system owns Putin. He likes to blame it on the Jews, but Putin and the debt money system are probably inseparable at this point. Lastly, is Putin interested in promoting governmental systems which attempt to install safeguards against totalitarian regimes – to preserve freedom? Give me a break!


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