Congressman Digs Up Stunning Fact And Blasts Hillary With It On Live TV

by Randy DeSoto, Western Journalism House Select Committee on Benghazi member Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., brought two key lines of questioning to bear with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding her actions before and after the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks. In questioning her actions before the attacks, Pompeo focused on the lack of security at the consulate despite repeated requests from her personnel in the field in Libya:

Pompeo: Do you know how many security requests there were in the first quarter of 2012? Clinton: No, I do not know. Pompeo: Ma’am, there were just over 100+. In the second quarter, do you know how many there were? Clinton: No, I do not. Pompeo,: Ma’am, there were 172ish. How many were there in that July and August and in the week and few days before the attacks, do you know? Clinton: There were a number of them, I know that. Pompeo: Yes, ma’am, 83 by our count. That’s over 600 requests. You’ve testified this morning that you had none of those reach your desk. Is that correct also? Clinton: That’s correct.

The congressman went on to point out the contrast in the attention she gave to over 150 emails with her friend Sidney Blumenthal about Libya and Benghazi leading up to the attacks versus the lack interest in communicating with the trained, “incredibly capable people” who worked for her. Clinton responded that Blumenthal, who testified before the Benghazi Committee in June, is a friend. According to Pompeo, Blumenthal told the committeee that he had never been in Libya and that he did not know “much about it.” Pompeo also questioned the former secretary of state about her actions after the attacks. “You talked about being disappointed; I heard you use that several times, you were disappointed when you read the [Accountability Review Board (ARB) report],” he said. “Why didn’t you fire someone?” “Well Congressman, the Accountability Review Board pointed out several people working in the State Department who they thought had not carried out their responsibilities adequately, but they said they could not find a breach of duty,” Clinton responded. “It is my position that in the absence of finding dereliction or breach of duty there could not be immediate action taken,” she further explained. “But there was a process that was immediately instituted and which led to decisions being made.” “Yes, ma’am, the decision was to put them back [with] full back-pay and keep them on as employees!” Pompeo stated. “That was the decision that was made as a result of the processes that you put in place. The folks in Kansas don’t think that is accountability.”

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