A2A with John Titus

by TF, TFMetals Report

John Titus is the producer of the fantastic YouTube channel, “BestEvidence”, and we recently featured his most recent work in this post: http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/blog/7146/must-watch-video. Here at TFMR, we frequently discuss the LIES, SPIN and MOPE that emanate from The Fed and their sycophant media. John’s work puts facts behind this analysis and we should all be grateful for his efforts.

Before we begin, perhaps you should watch these two videos. While we heartily recommend each and every video posted on the BestEvidence site, these two really serve the purpose of shedding light on the outright lies and deception of The Fed and its Board of Governors.

In today’s 40-minute presentation John addresses a number of items, including:

  • the myth of eventual “Fed balance sheet normalization”
  • the deliberate lies told by then Chairman Bernanke in order to “sell” TARP in 2008
  • the so-called “independence” of The Fed as it pertains to the executive and legislative branches of government
  • what really happens behind the scenes at FOMC meetings and how policy statements are crafted

Please take the time to listen to this entire podcast. The FOMC meets again next week and you’re about to be bombarded with a new cascade of SPIN and MOPE from LIESman, the BBB and all the rest. Only with your eyes open will you be able to see the truth and we thank John for helping to shine the light of truth on the process.



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