Vladimir Putin Speaks at Valdai Club Session in Sochi

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking part in a plenary session of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi on Thursday.

 The 12th annual meeting of the club, titled “Societies Between War and Peace: Overcoming the Logic of Conflict in Tomorrow’s World” takes place of October 19-22 in the southern Russia’s city of Sochi.

While speaking at Thursday’s session, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed a number of international issues. Nuclear weapons “The advent of nuclear weapons has made it clear that there can be no winners in a global conflict. There could be only one outcome — guaranteed mutual destruction,” Putin said during the annual Valdai International Discussion Club session.

“It turned out that the mankind, in an attempt to create more destructive weapons, has made ​​a big war meaningless. By the way, the generation of world leaders of the 50-60-70’s and even 80’s really considered the use of military force to be an exceptional measure,” the president added.

However, the restraining effect of nuclear weapons has been devalued in today’s world, he stressed. “Some may even have gained an illusion that in case of a world conflict, one side may emerge victorious without irreversible, unacceptable, as experts say, consequences for the winner,” Putin said. Iranian Nuclear Deal “Today the Iranian nuclear problem has been solved. As we have said, Iran poses no threat and has never posed any,” Vladimir Putin said.

The fundamental basis of the modern international security has been destroyed — the Treaty on the Limitation of Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems — has been destroyed under the pretext of the nuclear missile threat from Iran, Putin told reporters.

“The reason, which has apparently urged our US partners to create a missile defense system, has disappeared,” he added.

Iran’s alleged threat was an attempt to mislead the world and tip the balance of world powers, Russia’s President stated. It’s extremely dangerous to impose one’s will on geopolitical rivals and allies with Iran being an apt example, Putin stressed. International relations While discussing political, military and economic competition in the world, the Russian president stressed they must be in line with moral norms and rules.

“It is crucial that this competition must be within the framework of certain political, legal, moral norms and rules. Otherwise the collision of interests is fraught with deep crises and dramatic failures,” Putin said.

“The global information space is being shaken by the wars today, so to speak. The only correct view and interpretation of events is aggressively being imposed, certain facts are being falsified or ignored. We have all become accustomed to labeling and creation of an image of the enemy,” Putin said the session of the annual Valdai International Discussion Club. Military Force as Tool of International Politics Military force remains and will continue to be a tool of international politics, Vladimir Putin noted.

“Military force, of course, remains and will undoubtedly continue to be a tool of international politics for a long time,” he said.

The Russian leader added that the question remained whether the force will be used “only when all other means are exhausted, when it is necessary to withstand common threats.” Sanctions

“The United States is using bogus excuses, punishing severely everyone who dared to violate US unilateral sanctions. You know, this is probably not Russia’s business but as we are taking part in a discussion club, then I will ask you a question: Is it the way to treat allies? No this is the way to punish vassals that dared to act on their own, they are punished for bad behavior,” Putin said.

He added that European companies are suffering from such measures Ukrainian Crisis According to Vladimir Putin, the current situation in Ukraine is dangerous for Russia but it was not Moscow who created this crisis. “It certainly poses threat to us, but was it us who created this situation? Russia’s position is that we… we accept any choice [of Ukrainian people] but we are against this kind of power change, it is bad for any country in the world and for a former Soviet state it is totally unacceptable,” Putin said at the Valdai International Discussion Club. Europe’s Migrant Crisis Uncontrolled migration processes lead to the rise in nationalism and intolerance, permanent conflicts in the society, Russian President noted. “A shocking, mass, uncontrolled collision of lifestyles may lead to the rise in nationalism and intolerance, emergence of a permanent in the society,” Putin said. Economic Blocs  Non-transparent economic blocs economic blocs operating in secrecy lay grounds for future conflicts, Vladimir Putin stressed. “Establishment of economic blocs by means of imposing conditions, will undoubtedly fail to make the world safer and will only plant time bombs in the soil for future conflicts,” Putin said at the Valdai International Discussion Club. He added that it was necessary to “search for ways out and compromises, as only compromises can create a long-term system of relations in any sphere, including economy.” The ISIL threat The capture of Iraq’s capital Baghdad or Syria’s capital Damascus would give the Islamic State group a springboard for global expansion, Vladimir Putin said. “Just think about it, in case of the capture of Damascus or Baghdad, the terrorists would practically gain the status of an official authority,” he elaborated.

“The international community should realize who we’re dealing with. An enemy, in fact, of civilization, humanity and world culture,” Putin added.

A clear distinction is needed between Islam and lies and hatred that terrorists spread under the guise of religion, he added. “We need to clearly draw the line between lies and hatred spread by the militants under the guise of Islam and true Islam, with its values ​​of peace, family, good deeds, helping neighbors and respect for traditions,” Putin said. Russia’s President stressed that Iraq and Syria must be freed from terrorists, these groups cannot be allowed to expand to other regions.

“What we think needs to be done to support the long-term settlement in the region is social, economic, and political revival. And ensuring, above all, that Syria and Iraq are freed from terrorists, and that these are prevented from moving their activity to other regions,” Putin said at the Valdai International Discussion Club.

In order to achieve this, all forces, including the two countries’ government armies, as well as Kurdish militia and various opposition groups, must unite in the fight against terrorism, the president said. Syrian Crisis Turning to the issue of Syrian settlement, Putin stated that it is “clear that a military victory will not itself solve all problems, but it will create conditions for the main thing: the start of a political process.”

The president noted that Syria is in need of large-scale financial and humanitarian aid to “heal the wounds of war,” calling to begin work on creating roadmaps for the revival of the region and its infrastructure.

“Now it is necessary not to undermine, but to revive and strengthen public institutions in conflict zones,” Russia’s leader said. Coordination of Anti-ISIL Operations According to Russia’s President, Moscow and the West may soon begin exchanging information on the exact locations and movement of militants as part of an anti-terrorist operation in Syria. “We see that in the framework of the anti-terrorism operation, gradually, though not as fast or actively as we would like, contacts are improving between defense departments,” Putin said. Putin also stressed the importance of the Russian-US deal on flight safety in Syria, which was recently signed by the two countries.

“We are also close to beginning exchange of information with our Western colleagues on the positions and movements of militants,” he added.

The Valdai Club, established in 2004, aims to promote dialogue between the Russian and the international intellectual elite, and to foster independent, unbiased scientific analysis of political, economic and social events in Russia and the rest of the world.

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