Refugees No Longer Welcome – EU Member States Turning Away Asylum Seekers

by Rory, The Daily Coin If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discuss the impact of the refugees on Europe you really should take time out for the detailed description of how this could end NATO and the European Union (EU). Now that some of the EU member states are beginning to act, it would appear, we are drawing closer to one of two ends; either all out war or the end of the EU and NATO. The warmongers are probably not going to go quietly into the night and this is probably one of the reasons the U.S. presstitutes have ramped up their propaganda efforts against Russia attacking CIA funded ISIS “moderate rebels” in Syria. While Russia is fully exposing ISIS as an imaginary “enemy”, you can bet the U.S. is making plans for their next move. The withdrawal of funding for ISIS/al-Queada “training” in Syria is a major blow to the CIA funded boogeyman. The EU member states, including Germany, that are now attacking and turning back refugees from their borders, and their interiors, exposes the depths of the problems the U.S. has created with attacking Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and several other countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The people fleeing from these war-torn areas are all migrating into Europe. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning with hundreds, if not thousands, of people in your community with no where to live, no funds and only the clothes on their backs? I don’t mean to sound heartless or uncaring, but this situation demands real action as the EU member states are, literally, being flooded by millions of people just as I described. Once again, how would you handle this situation if it were your community? In Tennessee our legislatures are already beginning to question the federal government about the refugees they are planning on sending here. Tennessee was one of the states that has taken in a number of refugees beginning some ten years ago. Now the federal government wants to send us more. Our infrastructure–schools, hospitals and the like are not equipped to handle several thousand more people that do not speak the language (the refugees could, in fact, speak multiple languages from multiple regions), will need medical attention upon arrival, housing and the list goes on and on. As members of the EU these EU member states were FORCED to allow the refugees into their country. Now they are beginning to question why they must take orders from Washington DC and the UK; the same as we, in Tennessee, are questioning Washington DC. from Sputnik News

Although EU leaders initially told refugees that they were welcome to come to Europe and that everyone would be taken care of, things are quickly changing; refugees themselves have started to realize that European hospitality is a myth, RIA Novosti columnist Nika Filimonova said. When refugees arrive to their destination they often face deplorable living conditions — there isn’t enough food, clothes aren’t given out and even basic medicine is out of the question. Ahmed, a refugee from Iraq, was put into a psychiatric hospital with a bunch of mental-health patients in Finland when what he needed was proper medical help to alleviate his chronic health condition, according to Filimonova. Since he couldn’t stay in the psych ward any longer he was forced to run away and ended up on the street without money and documents, which were taken away by human traffickers. With little hope for his future, Ahmed is now camping outside of the Iraqi Embassy in Helsinki. He said he wants to get a new passport and some money so he could then go back to Iraq, as even this would be better than living on the streets of the Finnish capital, the columnist said.

Even in Germany, where refugees were traditionally welcomed more than in other European countries, people’s attitude towards the newcomers is changing. According to a recent poll, the amount of people who have positive views towards refugees declined by 15 percent over the past month only, Filimonova said.

What will happen next? Are the Germans going to start behaving like the Greeks, who thought it was alright to put refugees in prison cells? There is food twice a day and a roof over their head, what else do these refugees need? EU Leaders Plan to Send Refugees Back

“Why don’t you just send me back to Syria so I can die there? Would have been better,” one of the refugees exclaimed, appalled by the conditions he was put in.

Turns out, refugees will have their chance to be sent back. As of late, EU leaders have been discussing the idea of sending back refugees who haven’t received their formal refugee status yet. This means that soon almost half a million refugees will be sent back home. Brussels isn’t talking about Syrians and Iraqis yet. They’ll be sparred for now and allowed to stay in Europe, while others will have to start packing. According to Filimonova, Brussels threatened to cut off economic aid to some African countries if they refuse to take their refugees back. Even if these openly racist and inhuman measures take place it won’t be the end of the refugee crisis in Europe. There will be new waves of refugees escaping from their countries, as poverty and wars in Africa and the Middle East have yet to disappear. Thus, stay tuned, this is only the beginning.

This is a full frontal assault on the EU member states. As we have reported, for more than a year, youth unemployment, unemployment for all age groups in Europe, is double digit, combined with the slowing of economies throughout Europe and the U.S. and now you add millions upon millions of people to an already strained situation, what would you expect!? Will this be the tipping point for the EU experiment and NATO? Only time will tell.

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