Fukushima Propaganda: Salmon Fishing Resumes In Fukushima

from Missing Sky 101 Fishermen in Fukushima have resumed catching salmon in a river for the first time since the 2011 nuclear disaster in the prefecture. Salmon fishing in the Kido River, which runs through Naraha town, had been suspended because the area was designated an evacuation zone. But fishermen decided to resume fishing after the evacuation order was lifted on September 5th, and tests on salmon that had returned to the river found them free of radioactive substances. Town officials and people from a local fishery cooperative joined a ceremony on Sunday to pray for safe fishing. They also celebrated the completion of a processing plant that was destroyed by the tsunami. Fishermen then went out on the river and hauled up nets. The head of the fishing cooperative, Hideo Matsumoto, said he’s relieved to restart catching salmon. He said he wants town residents to enjoy eating the fish. Mayor Yukiei Matsumoto said he’s pleased with the revival of salmon fishing because it’s a key resource for tourism in his town. He said it will invigorate the community and contribute to the local recovery. The fishery cooperative plans to start test-marketing processed salmon this year. It will also release young salmon into the river next spring.

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