Fox News “terrorism expert” prosecuted as con-man

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada I saw this interesting news item at Sinclair’s site. Unfortunately, there was no context/explanation provided there of the significance of this news item. ELEVEN YEARS AGO, this con-man started passing himself off as having “an extensive career with the CIA”, on national television. If Sinclair (and Co.) were on-the-ball, they would have tossed out a few, obvious questions — and supplied the equally obvious answers. 1) Is it possible that anyone could show up on national television and get away with pretending to be “a former CIA agent”?No. Ten minutes after the con-man made his first appearance, someone would have shown up to arrest him. 2) Is it possible that any con-man could be stupid enough to try to pretend to be a “former CIA agent”, on national television, over and over again, for more than 10 years? Of course not. No one would have attempted such a sham unless they had obtained PRIOR ASSURANCES that they would not be prosecuted (or even “outed” as a fraud). Very clearly, Mr. Simmons is someone’s employee — either the One Bank, and/or the U.S. government itself. The fact that he is now being prosecuted, eleven years after he began lying/posing for his employer(s) simply indicates that someone outside of our government-by-Crime-Syndicate uncovered the fact that Simmons was/is a fraud — at which point his “cover” was blown. What does it tell us about “the War on Terror” when what we have effectively is the U.S. government hiring a professional liar to pose as a former government agent, in order to “explain terrorism” to the masses? It proves the War on Terror is a sham (along with the million-and-one other ways this can be proven). There is simply no rational scenario which can be constructed where the War on Terror is legitimate, but the U.S. government would hire a professional liar (and presumably many more than one) to “explain it” to people. Expect more of these professional liars to be exposed/outed in the months and years ahead, now that one of them has been discovered. :angry:  :angry: P.S. Sinclair spotted this item on RT. I “Googled” this incident, and found only THREE outlets in the entire Corporate media which even mentioned this news: the Washington Post, the Telegraph (UK), and ABC News. Obviously this is a very important/significant news item, and the fact it has been censored across nearly the entire mainstream media is further proof of Mr. Simmons’ “employment”. If this con-man had been an independent actor, he would have widely “outed” (and then vigorously prosecuted). This is what happens to any of the Little People when they are caught engaging in misdeeds. They are prosecuted PUBLICLY, and to the full extent of the law, in order to create the illusion that we still have Rule of Law in our nations. Only “protected” individuals see their crimes covered up, and (usually) any punishment is light-to-nil. The Fourth Reich Fox News’ terrorism expert arrested for lying about non-existent CIA career…google_plusone_share

A frequent Fox News guest cited as a terrorism expert due to an extensive career with the CIA has been arrested and charged with fraud relating to that very career. He is accused of lying on official government documents. Wayne Simmons has appeared on Fox News dozens of times since 2004, usually with a shortened title of “former CIA operative,”“analyst” or “officer.” On his personal website, he says he was recruited by the US spy agency after he joined the Navy in 1973 “to became part of an Outside Paramilitary Special Operations Group.” In this role, he says he “spearheaded Deep Cover Intel Ops against some of the world’s most dangerous Drug Cartels and arms smugglers from Central and South America and the Middle East.” On one of Simmons’ appearances on Fox News, in November 2007, he discussed the case of former FBI agent and CIA spy Nada Nadim Prouty, who was found guilty of committing fraud and selling state secrets…

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