Charles Nenner: The Whole Economy is Turning Down – War Cycle Means Worldwide Trouble

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog Renowned financial and geopolitical analyst Charles Nenner says the war cycle that started in 2014 will take years to play out. Nenner explains, “When cycles in war and peace show we are going to have wars, then everywhere in the world you are going to have trouble. I have been saying that the major war is going to be China and Japan about the islands over there (in the South China Sea). The news today goes in that direction. So, for now, we don’t have major wars, but I think it’s not going to be stable in the world, and we are going to end up in a big war (on the scale of a world war). We predicted it would start in 2014, and it will grow slowly until 2021. Why do I think it will be China and Japan? Because the aerospace industry went through the roof, and so something was cooking over there. So, China is preparing something. It should slowly get worse during the next two years.” According to Nenner, war is also coming to Europe right along with the refugee crisis. Nenner, who is being interviewed from Amsterdam, says, “You have millions of Syrians coming to Europe and that are already upset that they see certain values in Europe that are not their values. . . . So, in Europe it is going to blow up very soon. It just goes to show you, every market goes down when the cycle is down, and every country is in war when cycles show we are going to have war.” Nenner thinks the west, namely the U.S., is in danger from an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP attack. Nenner warns, “Something is going to blow up in New York, Washington or Miami. You can have a boat in the harbor of Miami, shoot a rocket straight up into the air and nobody dies, but it blocks all the satellites. There is no water supply, no phone supply, no nothing. It will be very interesting if you can stop the voltage from functioning. The world would be in disarray, and you don’t have to do so much.” Continue Reading>>>

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