Nutnfancy Go Bag: Defending Against Active Shooter Situtation

from nutnfancy Directed to off duty law enforcement folks, this is one approach to packing more capabilities to handle the specter of an active shooter. Philosophy foundation is discussed. A distinction is made between carrying a still-effective-always-with-you concealed pistol system vs this heavier dedicated system [Firepower vs Mobility]; some important considerations are in order. For instance the more complex integration of a tactical carbine to respond to the situation. Discussion centers on the 5.11 Banger Bags which carry both weapon and magazines securely, are well made, have great colors, and fuseful eatures. Integration of Level 1 Plus First Aid Kit contents are shown as is the Sig and Glock pistol systems, less than lethal options, restraints, integration of EDC items, and comms. Another not-to-be-missed Nutnfancy Kit system video.

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