Will We Soon Witness The NWO’s ‘Grand Finale’ With The Pope In Philadelphia And The World Seemingly Falling Apart At The Seams?

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline With breaking news that the country with arguably the ABSOLUTE worst human rights record in the world has been selected by the United Nations to head a key UN human rights panel, ANP is taking a look at the NWO globalists potential ‘grand finale’, a potential MASSIVE false flag attack upon the Pope in Philadelphia that could be the final nail in the coffin of ALL human rights in America and the world.

The news from the Independent tells us that Saudi Arabia was selected to head this key human rights panel – this soon after they posted an advertisement seeking 8 new executioners to lop off heads and another sign that oil trumps human rights and humanity on the planet Earth is in deep, deep trouble. 


The Washington Post is reporting that the Pope’s visit also brings along with it the single largest security operation in US history and law enforcement agencies in Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia are being highly strained. “The challenges are immense” we are told and with this Pope’s history of frequently wading into public crowds, we learn in this SQAlert that there are some major points to consider and some major reasons to suspect that a huge false-flag attack may be in the works. 

Telling us that law enforcement agencies in Philadelphia will be on total lock down and not allowed to leave the city on Friday, we also take a look at the 1st video below from Elite NWO Agenda who gives us a September 2015 ‘Final Warning’ to prepare for the absolute worst while hoping for the best.

The Washington Post story tells us that the level of protection for Pope Francis’ visit across 3 US cities will likely exceed the protection given to our own president Barack Obama, another sign to us that the head of the ‘New World Order’ is far more important than the president of the country he will be visiting and another sign that something is deeply amiss. From the SQAlert.:

<The Popes visit will be largest security detail in history-Why Philadelphia? – (BROTHERLY LOVE)-Here are some things to consider

Philly, is going to be either one of hell of a show with the grand finale or just another visit from the NWO…My Leo Friends will be on lock down come Friday and not be allowed to leave the city…apparently most of the guys that all work for DHS, couldn’t get their trucks verified by the Secret Service in time, so if they leave the city, there’s no getting back in…let’s not forget…Obama said a while back that he plans on NY being hit by a “dirty bomb”.. I wonder, is NY this locked down? As far I am aware, no, it is not…So why Philly? I’ll tell you one thing, there is a Nuclear reactor on the Delaware River and Philly is within blast radius if something were to happen to it…or vice versa..this is just speculation but NY and DC have not been shut down yet…so why Philly? Any of your sources got any ideas? Mine is that the 12 miles of overlapping fence and barricades is to keep people in, not keep people out…if something were to happen, only a limited amount of foot traffic and boat traffic will be allowed in…maybe a few lanes for cars..but not for down town, it’s all been locked down…and jammed packed with bodies….if an explosion were to go off there…it would be worse than 9/11…especially if someting went off on 7th Street were the gas line goes straight into the federal building called the Byrne Green Federal Building and Court House…the gas line is readily exposed and has a terminal that comes out of the ground in front of the federal building…and there is also a huge mall with federal tenants in it and a Federal prison right across the street from the court house/federal building… too many easy targets…and the mint is right across from the federal building as well…5 huge devasting targets just waiting to be hit…and filled full of law enforcement..and guess where the Popes parade route is? Right by all those damn buildings.

Another very interesting side note as pointed out by an ANP reader is the fact that New York schools will be closed on Thursday, September 24th, for an Islamic holiday called Eid al-Adha, also known as the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’. Coincidentally, or not, Pope Francis will also be giving an evening prayer at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on that very same day.

In the very difficult times that possibly are ahead, we wish everyone reading this much love and strength to carry on. We support the work of the men and women in uniform who are working diligently to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved. God Bless everyone of all nationalities, races, and religions who have within them a loving heart. We will overcome. 


Last update September 22, 2015 at 5:07 p.m.

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