Jeff Nielson: Government by Crime Syndicate with Silver Coming from NoWhere!

Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada, agreed to a follow up of the “Gold Wars” conversation that was conducted approximately four weeks ago. We had a number of topics to cover to try to tie everything together. Below are crib notes so that you have an idea of how much of the world we cover in just over thirty minutes time. When you have rigged markets it’s difficult to understand what is actually happening with an economy. When an economy is the size and influence of the U.S. economy it becomes even more problematic when discussing global markets. The mere fact the U.S. has the worlds reserve currency and is rigging markets, either through OTC derivatives, HFT algorithm trading or simply rigging them point blank the end result is the same–the illusion of “markets” and the illusion of an “economy” or MOPE (management of perception economics). There is no economy only the perception of an economy that is presented by the mainstream media and the DJIA. Did your 401k go up again today? Great!! That means all is well, right? What is an economy other than a set of statistics that inform the citizens, business people and other nations as to what, and how much, the people are purchasing of various products and services. This is what makes up the economy. If those statistics are fraudulent or found to be untrue, how can one gauge what is happening? You can’t. If the financial systems, the too big to jail banks, are doing nothing more than “gambling” with your funds. What do these too big to jail banks do with the funds you deposit? Where do those dollars go once they are deposited? When was the last large scale project started in your neighborhood? Any new malls being built or new office buildings or manufacturing plants? This is how, traditionally, your funds would be used. Your deposits would be loaned to someone else to fund a new large scale project or a new car or new house. Not too much of that going on these days. The new cars are being pumped to anyone with a pulse and the housing market has fallen off a cliff. Manufacturing left for the East many years ago. Why is it that the country of India can import a staggering, record setting fourteen hundred TONS of silver in the month of August!?! How is that possible? On the one hand you have two of the largest government mints in the world that state they can not get silver to produce product but India is able to import a record setting amount for general consumption! Does that make sense to you? It doesn’t to me. Beginning in July the silver market began showing signs of strain as the U.S. Mint halted sales of the worlds most popular silver coin for almost three weeks! The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) soon followed by rationing their sales of the wildly popular Silver Maple Leaf coins. Both the U.S. Mint and RCM stated they were having trouble sourcing silver to produce these products. If that is the case then someone please explain to me–which has been my favorite question for almost three YEARS–where is the silver coming from, especially if India can import FOURTEEN HUNDRED TONS. China has been making waves throughout the globe for the past several weeks. Announcing, on three different occasions, the volume of gold they have added to their official gold holdings. China also announced, on four different occasions, a revaluation of their currency, the Renminbi (yuan). On top of this China also announced 100% funding, to the tune of $100 BILLION (equivalent), The New Bank. Shew, that’s a lot going on in just a few weeks! That’s a lot of currency, bonds and gold transactions flying around. What does it all mean? How will it affect my wallet? Will it affect my wallet? What is China saying to the world? If we simply look at the various “pieces” that are presented above one would think our world is a great upheaval. If you listen to the mainstream media you probably missed most, if not all, of what is described above. Our economic and financial systems are in dire straights. When will someone in a position of leadership do the right thing and begin prosecuting these criminals or doing as China has been doing and simply take them behind the wood shed never to be seen again. Financial crimes against humanity are at the top of the list of most heinous crimes.


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