Fed Fiddles, Market Crash & Metals to Rally after Shortage

from Crush the Street The Shemitah year just ended, and the next big date many people are anticipating is September 23rd , which is next Wednesday. The truth will be told when September comes and goes, regarding market volatility and conspiracies. Has QE finally lost its steam? People are now coming to the realization that it did not help the struggling economy and that we are still in a depression. Janet Yellen recently admitted that the potential of negative interest rates may be on the horizon. As counter-productive as this will actually be, we are predicting we will see interest rates go below zero before they do any substantial raising. Further exemplifying the coming shortage is the fact that JP Morgan just lost in one day 45% of its registered gold inventory in the COMEX in just one day. They now hold the equivalent of just 1/3rd metric ton, or a little over ten thousand ounces. The congress budget bill has still yet to be passed, and the likelihood of another government shutdown is becoming more and more of a possibility.

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