Red List News Episode 24

by Dave Hodges and Jim White, Red List News On episode 24 of Red List News, Jim goes deep into the “lunatic fringe” as he highlights the desire by North Korea to build an atomic bomb, and, perhaps, to start a nuclear war. Dave follows up with a topic we have highlighted several times on the broadcast, the Islamafication of America, and how textbooks are promoting Allah as the only god. Next, Jim covers how Sooners are stepping up and eliminating the deadly “gun-free zones” in one public school by arming teachers. Dave questions why there are so many animals dying off and becoming extinct in the next piece, while concluding that humans may also be on that list. Wrapping up, Jim covers how Texans may soon have a chance to exert their privilege to break away from the criminal federal government, and Dave concludes with the plan by Obama to fundamentally transform life in America while asking, “Is Obama a true “Manchurian Candidate”?”

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