Red List News – Episode 23

from Red List News On episode 23 of Red List News, Dave goes very deep. In fact, Dave goes so deep he’s underground with new revelations from a trusted source. Jim follows with a report about the creeping police state, and the proposal for you to have to prove you’re not drinking before you can drive. Can anyone say, “Guilty until proven innocent?” Next, Dave exposes what a duplicitous cretin Jeb Bush really is as he hides behind “states’ rights” when it’s convenient for the establishment, of course. Jim highlights the financial woes of Russia, and the possibility that Putin will go to war as a distraction from his country’s reported collapse. Finishing up the broadcast, Dave covers a poll which has over 80% of Syrians believing that the United States created ISIS. Those Syrians are pretty smart. Lastly, Jim reports on a future of robots and the outlook that they will take over 35% of the jobs in the next 20 years. This is why the Elite no longer need us.

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