Jim Rogers & Chris Waltzek

from GoldSeekRadiodotcom:

  • From the Big Apple, NY, NY, Jim Rogers views the upcoming Fed rate decision tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 17, could be a game-changing moment.
  • The current implied probability of the 30-Day Fed Funds Futures indicates only a 22% likelihood of a rate hike at tomorrow’s FOMC meeting.
  • Nevertheless, the financial powerhouse shares Axel Merk’s sentiments, Fed Chair Janet Yellen could surprise investors with a token rate hike.
  • Eventually market forces will overwhelm monetary policies. He remains bullish, especially on the yellow metal in the long-term horizon.
  • “… Gold will be in a bubble someday, don’t worry…”
  • Cash is king – his analysis indicates that the Greenback will continue to ascend for the time being, enter bubble like conditions.
  • He plans to sell his US dollar position at that point and back up the truck for a Fort Knox size gold shipment.
  • The crude oil market may be reaching a nadir; a double bottom pattern could be the ideal entry point to boost portfolio exposure.
  • However, Jim Rogers is less convinced that US equities have reached a frothy bubble like environment.


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