Fly the Coup

by Freefall, Zen Gardner I read a recent article stating that a good number of Americans actually want a military takeover of our government as they trust our military more than they do the corrupt politicians. I know that this is a small sample, but why would we doubt the results? After all, we’ve been conditioned to go along with this as all of our institutions follow the same militaristic chain-of-command. From kissing the ring of the Pope to the Prussian-based educational system, each must serve those above them in order to flourish within the system and their aspirations towards materialistic success. In reality, it has become a race to the spiritual bottom as the most intrinsically compromised are the ones that move up the ladder due to their talents for taking advantage of others. This is one of the reasons why the most characterless continue to rule over the rest of us. It appears to me that military control is the way we’re headed here in Amerika. After the monetary collapse and the looting that will ensue, the people will be begging for the salvation of their military. What they will get is gun confiscation, RFID chip implantation and FEMA camp incarceration. Those not seen as a threat to the State will continue to “go along to get along” until they are no longer needed. The same will apply to those foolish enough to enforce this madness. What many fail to realize is that the only thing the military has ever known how to do is to apply the use of force upon others in order to acquire what their masters want. The sad part of the story is that the same people will continue to rule behind the scenes no matter what control system is put into place. So how do we keep this from happening? We must continue to prepare ourselves for what is to come. The New Age nonsense that facing the truth about this future is what makes it happen needs to be abandoned in order to deal with reality. At the crux of it is preparation in both body and spirit. Those in power plan on using our dependence upon basic necessities to get us to comply with their demands. The more we are prepared for what is coming, the less we will need to be dependent upon government for our daily bread and protection. The more people able to survive without government assistance, the less power this vile institution will have over us whatever form it may take. That means having what is required to provide for your basic needs. As I’ve written before, failure to prepare for the collapse will result in you and your family becoming looters and/or beggars afterwards. Looters will have extremely short life-expectancies and the lives of beggars will fall entirely into the hands of those who have what they need to survive. In order to override the plans of the controllers, communities must come together and assist each other. The problem is that those who refuse to see what is in the future will not be prepared for it. This means that, if possible and at least in the short-term, those of us who are prepared need to be able to assist others on the other side of collapse. The shock when what is coming arrives will awaken many, but it will do them no good if they are slaves of the system. Until people begin to think for themselves rather than blindly obeying those above them in the vertical hierarchy, we will continue to be led deeper into this house of horrors that has been scheduled to end with the genocide of countless millions or the complete destruction of the earth itself. This is why failure for us is not an option. So I say to those in uniform: Stop blindly obeying orders. Do what you know is right in your heart and mind or you and your family will also be destroyed after you have served our purpose! Your true enemies are the same as ours–those who give you your orders at the highest levels. It’s important that you draw the line now as to what you will or will not do when the time comes. Personally, I have no idea how it will all turn out. It comes down to who we allow to provide us with their assistance. If you’re not connected to the kingdom within and following that internal/eternal path, then you’re going to get what those who control the system have in store for you. We all know what generally happens to chickens that no longer produce. Very soon, those whom we have allowed power over us will no longer have need of our services.

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