by AGXIIK, Silver Doctors The lowest of the criminal class were those who resorted to grave robbing and purloining what little money a corpse had on the body. Bankers in their cheap $250 suits might not have the carrion odor of a grave robber but you if were to get really close to a banker, you can smell the stink of fear and greed. In the last 35 years I’ve seen literally scores of banks and hundreds of bankers do what bankers do better than anyone excepting the government. They create their internal financial crises through inept decisions, the chase for unsustainable yields, personal greed, excessive leverage and failing to account for economic cycles. Bankers are not known for their intelligence or mathematical abilities. Those deficit qualities, combined with trillions of dollars of other peoples money makes for a very bad combination. It’s the same as if you give a compulsive gambler an unlimited line of credit at the casino, tell them to have fun and go for it. In the case of banksters, everyone loses. All banks fail eventually just as gamblers end up broke. Banksters don’t just double down. They double down, double again and then triple down, with leverage killing the bank as each bet turns against them while leaving the only option available, doubling down once again to make back their losses and breaking even. A bank failure can happen in no more than a few hours. What we are seeing today is the End Game of the bankster casino enterprise, with the absolute threat that when the collapse happens it will take down everything. I’ve been there, seen it and have the ball caps to prove it. Everyone gets in the game. Employees get sucked into the game. Bank controllers who might have decent math skills get in the game, suborned by their superiors to cook the books so as to deceive their auditors, depositors, shareholders and government regulators that things are not going well. That takes some serious tap dancing. Share holders get in the game. The public gets in the game. I have seen that up close and personal, invested in it and seen that sort of questionable and criminal action destroy a bank within a few weeks of the deception being disclosed. I’ve even seen bankers invest in the stock of other banks that come well recommended, only to see that bank implode a month later, thereby destroying the banks which invested into the super nova bank that turned out to be a black hole. What always amazed me is that every person at the bank, from the Chairman to the CEO, to the senior officers and all the way down to the file clark, are engaged in some of the most massive self deception imaginable. Most of the top officers are fully invested in the stock of the bank and end up being wipe out when the bank fails. Insanity compounded on more insanity. Like I said, most bankers are not that bright. And yet the entire world is being lead by the nose by people who’s collective IQ couldn’t jump start a chain saw. After you read this and think what I say is reasonable, you can take it to the bank that the people with whom we place trust to hold our funds, make our loans and even trade our stocks and even manage the funds of an entire country are easily some of the most inept and greedy people with whom you might associate. What makes it worse is that they use computer programs written by other inept bankers and financial incompetents to run the show. Placing your trust in bankers during good times means you are opening yourself to wholesale theft. Placing your trust in people who are self appointed carriers of the pointy end of the financial spear, doing so in the tough economic times, is foolish by several orders of magnitude. I’d not trust these types with a spork. I’d not a trust a banker any farther than I could throw a 1000 oz good delivery COMEX bar. With that bar I’d have something tangible. With a banker I’d have little more than an air ball. Besides which, leaving anything of value laying around means a banker might steal it.

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