by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante You know things are getting pretty bad when a country that steals over 50% of its citizen’s money every year (at higher income levels combined with state tax) and has the highest corporate tax rate in the world is as high as 16th on an economic freedom index. The Fraser Institute just released their annual index showing the United States fell from 12th to 16th according to the 2015 Economic Freedom of the World Report. I’m not surprised. The US has six million incarcerated, one way or another… and many of those are involved in a kind of slave labor, working in penal institutions that have been “privatized.” … but not the good kind of privatized. This simply means the monopoly of force of government has passed from public to private hands for profit. Also known as fascism. At any given time, the US military-industrial complex is apt to be involved in dozens of wars worldwide, ranging from complex offensives to minor skirmishes. Those who try to protest the country’s current posture are now being labeled as “enemies of the state” by the largest US federal policing agency, Homeland Security. US governance is consumed by secrecy and bolstered by dozens of intelligence agencies. Secret courts have made the work of these agencies “legal” by making a number of hush-hush rulings that the public is not supposed to see. All of this is justified by politicians and generals as “protecting the public,” but when one scrutinizes the evolution of US intel policy, it becomes clear that top people in the US government are not so interested in protecting the public from (mostly made up) terrorist threats as they are in protecting THEMSELVES from an increasingly alienated and unfree public. For this reason, surveys are showing that a huge swath of the US population has thought about emigrating and millions would do so if they had the wherewithal. With over 100 million out of work and 50 million on food stamps, it’s evident to any unbiased observer that the US economy is gradually disintegrating. What jobs are available are rapidly being shipped abroad by US multinationals. Meanwhile local ordinances make entrepreneurs an increasingly endangered species. Again, it’s getting pretty bad when Jerry Seinfeld and his kids are being accosted for trying to raise money for charity by selling lemonade without a permit. jerry-seinfeld-lemonade-stand The only part of the US economy that works with any level of spontaneity is the part that is conducted beneath public scrutiny – gray and black markets in other words… known to the savvy as free markets. Here at TDV, we’re dedicated to bringing the best in expat solutions to our subscribers and viewers. It’s not nearly so difficult or costly to emigrate as you might think. And we can show you how. It’s not hopeless, and you don’t have to feel alone. We have the internet, after all, and neighbors who are more than willing to educate us. The internet allows us to examine in detail the fundamental assumptions of our culture and to penetrate much of the misleading rhetoric intended to confuse us. Publishing firms such as ours attempt to analyze the rhetoric in order to examine the assumptions that cause confusion.

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