I called the Silver Mint About the Shortage

TDC Note – 8-10 WEEKS lead time along with having to acquire the raw material sounds like third and fourth party risk to me; but it is up to you wether to buy into this or not. Personally, the people that I have been interviewing, including some of the largest bullion dealers in the country are having difficulty sourcing product. If Northwest is buying 1,000 oz bars and making rounds that’s a different story. However, that does NOT explain the 8-10 week lead time. If 1,000 oz bars are available, why not have a 8-10 DAYS lead time? Why any lead time at all? What material are they sourcing? What processes are utilized once the material is in hand? Why does it take 8-10 WEEKS to create a silver round if the material is readily available? from Trade for A Living

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