by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante p>A few internet naysayers (aka. trolls) remarked that we were wrong on the Shemitah because there was no financial collapse on the Shemitah end-day of September 13th.  Aside from the fact that we were already right on market carnage worldwide in late August and the fact that a stock market collapse couldn’t happen on September 13th because it was a Sunday… we have already pointed out that we expected crisis to happen worldwide in the fall and not necessarily on the exact date of the end of the Shemitah.

That aside, two massive events happened on September 13th.  As we reported yesterday, all in one day the Eurozone ceased to exist as border checkpoints and fences went up throughout Europe.  We received some remarks from a few remarkably asleep people in Europe saying that “We didn’t notice a big difference… and besides they said it was temporary!”… Clearly these are not political historians or they would know that nothing is so permanent as a “temporary” government measure.  Richard Nixon also “temporarily suspended the convertibility of the dollar into gold” to protect against “currency speculators” in 1971.  We’re still waiting until that temporary measure is removed.

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Some people just can’t seem to connect the dots until it is too late.  It is rather reminiscent of jews who stayed in Germany right up until the early 1940s who also probably thought, “It’s not a big deal, everything is fine so far.”  Interestingly, Germany began moving refugees into World War II concentration camps yesterday too.  Nothing to see here!

Aside from the fact that the Eurozone almost ceased to exist yesterday there was another ground shaking event!

The European Union, for the first time in its existence, moved to create an EU army!

Was an EU army born on Shemitah end-day? Call it another Shemitah trend – the ongoing militarization and rising tensions involving the West, China and Russia. Every part of the globe is to increasingly be placed on a kind of war footing.

As the EU makes plans to support an expanded, standing military force, the US and NATO are elevating tensions with Russia over Ukraine. And how does this all tie into Shemitah? As we have seen in past Shemitah end-days, economic dysfunction is often matched by civil chaos and even war.

This is why we were certain that winds of war would blow around Shemitah and the Shemitah end-day and indeed they have. The main effort here is to inject chaos into the body-politic and to make people so miserable and insecure that they will welcome a “new order.”

In other words, the rising tide of militarization is no accident. Will it end in a true world war? A few years ago, I’d have said “no.” But  I am not so sure anymore. I believe certain sociopathic interests  WANT a new world war. The trick is simply how to get there.

One way is by lying. The West and NATO have mastered the art of surreptitious provocation. If the CIA is not creating “terrorists” out of sheepherders, then NATO and the Pentagon are conspiring on how to foment international tensions without leaving traces.

We actually wrote about this yesterday, in our ground-breaking Shemitah end-day article. You can see it HERE.

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Economic ruin and military tensions are increasingly prevalent. Just this Sunday, Angela Merkel – Germany’s very own Dragon Lady – demanded that British Prime Minister David Cameron reduce his opposition to an EU army. The quid pro quo here is reportedly that Cameron will gain Merkel’s support to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership.

Actually, Cameron is a valued political member of the Western military industrial complex and you can bet that he doesn’t give a single damn about whether the EU builds a big fighting force or not. But the English public does – and so Cameron has been playing his anti-EU military role.

It’s Merkel’s turn apparently to play ”pro-military.” The idea is that the EU will get its army formally (it already has fighting troops available) and Cameron will receive cooperation to drive a “better” EU bargain that he hopes will soothe a largely anti-EU electorate.

War in the Offing?

Ukraine is the big victory so far. The Anglosphere generally denies confronting Russia over Ukraine but anyone following the situation with any level of honesty can surely see that it was the West that provoked Russia and not the other way round.

The West provoked Russia on Georgia as well. Russia’s Putin snuffed that provocation but Ukraine is a bigger and more difficult problem. There are those in NATO and the Pentagon that doubtless see Ukraine as another Poland – a country that can create ever-escalating military tensions.

Russia for various reasons has been increasingly rising to the bait. On Monday, Russia began a vast new set of military exercises using 95,000 soldiers in the army, navy and air force. The exercises included military from forces allied with Russia and were “the most large-scale drill of 2015,” according to the Russian defence ministry.

The ministry was quoted as saying that the aim of the exercises was to “manage coalition groups of troops in containing an international armed conflict.” An international armed conflict sounds a good deal like what Russia is facing with Ukraine. Kazakh troops are involved and a military delegation from Nicaragua will monitor the drills.

Meanwhile, we get articles with headlines like this: “US and Russian Forces in Syria Aren’t Talking to Each Other.” The idea seems to be which mainstream media outlet can write the most provocative headline. In this case,, which goes on to report as follows:

In Syria, where the U.S. is leading an air campaign against Islamic State targets and Russian military advisors are arriving to help the Assad regime, the two militaries aren’t talking to each other. “Coalition forces are focused on conducting counter-ISIL operations, and so to my knowledge there is no military-to-military contact at this point,” Air Force Col. Pat Ryder, spokesman for U.S. Central Command, told reporters Friday morning … Russian Foreign Minister Sergei … Lavrov declined to confirm a Reuters report that the Russian troops had seen combat, but he did warn the U.S. about a growing risk of “unintended incidents” if the countries’ militaries did not cooperate in Syria.

This is Russia’s largest deployment of outside troops since the USSR collapse. 

This is becoming the weirdest war of all time.  Both the US and Russia state that they are “fighting ISIS”… except there is just one thing.  The US isn’t actually fighting ISIS, they’ve admitted to arming it and supplying it to destabilize Syria.  Putin called the US’ bluff by also “fighting ISIS”… which actually means the US and Russia are currently at war.

Where else is military activity heating up? InfoWars reports, “Europe Approves Military Action Against Refugee Smugglers As Germany Warns 1 Million Coming.”

None of this is merely political. Austria just moved over 2000 troops to its border with Hungary. And you can bet that military movements will be part of efforts to secure borders throughout Europe.

The militarization extends to the water as well, specifically the Mediterranean Sea where the EU has just set up the European Union Naval Force Mediterranean (EUNAVFOR Med) to catch “smugglers or traffickers.”

The EU will be destroying boats as part of its preventative measures. But wait, there’s more. Another phase is intended to generate military action inside Libyan territorial waters. This phase would be focused on destroying boats and smuggling networks before they get a chance to launch.

None of this is surprising. Between now and the end of the year, I am sure there will be many changes, not all of them for the good. You need to track these changes and to be aware of how they can affect your loved ones and your portfolio. Please continue to read our blog and to subscribe to our newsletter if you can. None of this is going away unfortunately and much of it could get worse.

This week alone is packed with incredibly important events including the UN’s 70th anniversary “jubilee” session that begins tomorrow and all eyes in the markets are watching the Federal Reserve’s meetings on Wednesday and Thursday.

This is not the time to be asleep at the wheel!

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