The Fake European Refugee Crisis

from The Wealth Watchman

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

Well friends, DC’s war on the Christian-friendly Assad regime, in Syria, has continued unabated. While Russia seems to be stepping in to stop U.S. puppet-terror organizations like ISIS from carving up the remaining parts of ancient Syria, the damage has been done.  Since the destructive war began, millions of people within Syria have been displaced, and have fled to other areas.

However,  I write what I write today to demonstrate that the current “European Migrant Crisis” is an utter fabrication, completely contrived, and totally preventable.  For starters though, I wish to show you a map that illustrates this point in an unbelievably powerful way.

Assad 2

Ron Paul once said that if you subsidize something, you end up getting more of it.  Never has that eternal truth been more clearly demonstrated than during this whole migrant fiasco. That map above powerfully shows what is truly on the minds of the vast majority of those who are moving across the European continent, and why they don’t simply stop in peaceful countries much closer to their own.

Germany, the UK, and Sweden specifically, offer benefits so generous to immigrants, that many tens of thousands are now simply risking their lives to acquire those benefits.  This is a chief reason why several thousand people have now died crossing the Mediterranean sea to get there.  Including, one of the now most infamous cases: 3 year old, Aylan Kurdi.  Kurdi, whose father had been living in Turkey safely for several years…decided he needed teeth work done in Germany, and that the lives of his tiny children and wife, were well worth risking for it.  

Or how about the beautiful city of Wurzburg, in Bavaria, who went to great expense to turn a local gym into a shelter to house migrants..  Imagine their shock when they found that those ‘refugees’, upon their arrival, were not only not thankful for the accommodations, but protested them…and demanded that they be given actual houses instead!

Story after story just like these, are coming in hot and heavy, about migrants trekking to Germany and the UK for perceived rewards once there.

This is not about safety or security.  This is not about fleeing for their lives.  This is about dispossession, White, Christian, European countries….while many other neighboring Muslim countries callously refuse to give any assistance whatsoever to those actually in need.

Remember, there are half a dozen Islamic countries, whose faith, culture, and worldview are closer to those genuinely seeking shelter(and not benefits) nearby, yet who won’t help a single person. This includes, by the way, Saudi Arabia, who currently has a state-of-the-art tent system set up, which can house over 3 million human beings.  It is set up for the Hajj, and those tents currently sit utterly vacuous and empty.

Don’t believe me?  Here’s a snapshot of it:

Assad 5

Oh, and here’s a snapshot of it from space for good measure:

Assad 4

That encapsulates the faux nature of this entire migrant ‘crisis’. There are many, many other neighboring countries, such as Israel, who won’t take a single migrant or genuine refugee, while hypocritically lobbying for Western, Christian countries to take them all instead!

Schengen Revoked

Now that Germany, the architect of the very type of policies that have helped spawn this fake crisis, is swamped by far too many migrants, they’ve done a historic ‘about face’ on their migrant stance:

SD Bullion


EU refugee crisis: Germany reinstates border controls and exits Schengen agreement as refugee system “reaches its limit”

Yes, as another 13,000 warm bodies arrive in Munich, even Germany’s corrupt politicians have finally caved.  Germanys’ lands being swamped by foreign migrants, are literally swelled to the limit of what their system can handle.  For anyone who doubts this is true, allow me to show you this mindblowing picture explaining the desperation of their ruling elite:

Assad 3

Folks, that is an unbelievable image. Every one of those dots represents a sheltering facility in their country, which is filled to the limit.  Germany alone, is now housing a vast swathe of an entirely separate nation within its borders….a nation which happens to differ linguistically, religiously, ethnically, and culturally from itself.  Germany, and other European nations have been swamped to the hilt, almost overnight.

Germany isn’t alone though in this suspension of the long-standing Schengen Agreement, allowing for free travel within European borders. Other such countries now include:



And the Czech Republic

I want to bring this to our attention, right now: remember why the EU was created in the first place?  The peoples of Europe were sold on the ‘dream’ of the EU, based on the ideas of shared currency, improved trade, and easier travel.

Now, due to various events, all those selling points have been obliterated.  Think about it.

Greece & Cyprus have shown that any country locked within the EU monetary prison, can have its entire banking system shuttered by Brussels and Berlin elites with the snap of a finger.

A plunging Baltic Dry Index, coupled with terminal recessions in half a dozen southern European countries, has vividly demonstrated that the ‘improved trade and currency’ carrots offered to Europeans, were actually sticks which would be used to beat their peoples, mercilessly.

Schengen though, was the final, real benefit, representing the freedom of movement between Western peoples within Christian Europe.  Now however, due to hundreds of thousands of non-vetted, non-Western peoples flooding from all directions…even Schengen has been revoked for all intents and purposes.

In other words, all the main selling points for why a “United States of Europe” was created in the first place, now stand exposed as lies, or shattered dreams.  The bureaucratic nightmare of Brussels starkly remains….without any of the promised benefits accompanying it.

Why though?  Why would the bankster elites of Europe continue to insist upon bringing in millions of people who share nothing in common religiously, ethnically, or culturally with their host populations? The answers, I believe, are varied and sinister…

The Reasons

One of the reasons that the globalist elites love mass immigration, is because they love to flood Western job markets with infinite, cheap labor.  In doing so, they can drive wages lower for everyone, and help the bottom line of all their favorite large corporations…

This helps to brighten up those anticipated, quarterly reports on Wall Street, all while the wage slaves continue through years of stagflation and central planning, all without significant, meaning raises in their earnings or standard of living.  It’s just another wondrous ingredient of the gigantic “race to the bottom” called “globalism”.

SD Bullion

In fact, many in Europe already see through this plot, with France’s National Front leader, Marine le Pen calling a spade a spade:

“Germany is probably thinking of its moribund demographics, and it is probably trying to lower salaries again and to continue to recruit slaves via massive immigration.” 

Bingo, she hit the bullseye!  

There is, however, another sinister reason that mass 2nd and 3rd world immigration is being pushed on all White, Western countries(and nowhere else):

The global elites love pushing “divide and conquer”, and what better way to render a country defenseless than to literally divide the populace against each other, by directly injecting peoples of clashing cultures and religions into it?

Many of Europe’s traitorous leaders are even open about this forced transformation of their ancient, Christian cultures and homelands.  Just read this recent comment from chief traitor Angela Merkel, on her failures to defend her own people:

“What we are experiencing now is something that will continue to preoccupy and change our country in the coming years,” Merkel said Monday. “And we want it to change in a positive way. And we think we can make that happen.”

There are many in the Middle East, who insist that their own cultures and peoples be protected from mass Middle Eastern immigration, yet who insist that Europe should be forced to undergo a “multicultural transformation”, one way or another. One such hypocrite is Barbara Lerner Spectre.  Listen to this two-faced woman talk about forcing multiculturalism on Europe(while doggedly insisting on Twitter, that Israel not have open borders themselves).

Make no mistake, this “crisis” is fake, manufactured, and took a long time to plan.  The banksters have big plans for Europe’s peoples, and their leadership(with a few heroic exceptions, such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban), has utterly failed to defend their peoples, and their interests.

Brothers, do not be fooled, this migrant “crisis” is nothing of the sort. Never forget, the media is owned by the banksters and has been weaponized by them, to craft a false and emotionally intense narrative, in order to evoke desired responses from Western populaces.  If they’re pushing for open borders and mass immigration into Europe, you should immediately realize that there are hidden agendas.  There are roughly half a dozen Islamic countries within Syria’s periphery, who could most easily take in many of the legitimate cases of folks fleeing Syria, but who aren’t stepping up.


To all my European shield brothers, your medieval elites may have defended you against such invasions, but your current elites have sold you out to them.  Your leaders are most happy to ethnically and religiously replace you in your own homelands!

You indigenous, ethnic peoples of Europe, who’ve spent thousands of years creating some of the most advanced civilizations on earth, have every right to decide who comes into your own homelands, and on what terms.  You have a right to not become ethnic & religious minorities in your own countries.

While globalists have tried, with mixed success, to infiltrate Christian institutions within historic Christendom, the globalists have long hated Christian Europe, and have sought to undermine it. This new “crisis” fits that bill quite nicely, while also helping “man the stations” at corporate, slave jobs for wages that our grandparents would consider ‘peanuts’.

Oh! and by the way, reports of ISIS having infiltrated Europe with several thousand fighters is now making the rounds.  Remember, the banksters and elites love using engineered crises to enact further draconian policies, which otherwise would be impossible.

The EU bureaucrats have already used this crisis to attempt to create a centralized immigration department, which would have greater powers in dealing with migrants and immigration issues.  Imagine now, what one or two serious terrorist bombings within Europe could do to fast track their own Orwellian, deep-state agendas?  

Brothers, I ask you: who could’ve predicted such “unintended consequences” of Islamist terrorism infiltrating Christendom, while cloaking itself in the hundreds of thousands of unvetted, unchecked Muslims into Christendom overnight?

Just about everybody, that’s who.

Including, by the way, a man whom DC is too busy trying to kill…to listen to.


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