Our Jubilee – The Year We Change Everything

by Robert Hitt, ZenGardner

GANDHI.. “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.. Then they fight you.. THEN YOU WIN.”

The content on my site for the next year is going to be dealing with more of the things that really matter and less on matters of money. The financial markets are one giant cesspool of crime and it bores me. I am going to focus on the ones that matter, the children who are the souls who will be working for the next 49 years to put the human race back to where it should have been if we had not been subjected to the crime wave over the last 49 years. http://occupypeace.us/ There is a rally in NY state on September 20th. Make this event the trigger for the new peace movement. Let it BE let it BE.

Today is a brand new day.. A day that was sung about 40 plus years ago when a bunch of young people took it upon themselves to stop the war. We did it but at great cost. The win for us back then still lives in our hearts and 49 years after the start of the psychedelic spiritual revolution that stopped the war there are still many of us alive to proclaim a bigger battle is being won.. We became the change we wanted to see. We are the people we wanted to become. The madness of the world at present is only the house of cards collapsing and it is a sight to behold. This vid is the closing song of the WALL LIVE IN BERLIN mega concert in 1990 which was one of the top 5 rock concerts ever performed. It was a miracle to say the least. Wresting technology’s sword from the hands of the warlords. Most people do not know but this all star concert was the reason the Berlin wall fell. Don’t kid yourselves it was not Ronny Reagan over spending on the military. It was not the 240 billion in counterfeit 20 year bonds that were issued September 12 1981 which is what funded deep state black ops .. The concert was planned to be right on the western side of the Berlin wall in 1989 but by then the reach of technology had the young people of east Berlin absolutely unwilling to sit it out. So they broke down the wall with sledge hammers and bare hands and the security apparatus dissolved and the East German fascist government fled to the USSR. The concert had to be postponed in the chaos and the show was moved to the EAST SIDE of the wall a few months later in 1990 and millions of Germans were free to see it in a massive celebration of the reunification of Germany. THAT is the power of music in action. Maybe we could also say it was MAGIC IN ACTION.. Those of us who are old enough to have been around in 1967 are standing on the finish line now. WE DID IT and we pass the torch to those who have a stake in the future. It may not be clear to those not paying attention but all the well laid plans for the NWO war machine to enslave the human spirit has just become IRRELEVANT as of today. There is another WALL that needs to come down ASAP in the middle east. The wall that was required by what went on in the summer of 1967 in the 6 day war. That happened at the same time as the summer of love and Monterey Pop occurred in the previous jubilee 49 years ago. There cannot be a reunification of the human race unless this wall comes down. June of 2016 is 49 years after the events in 1967 and I can see from here that is the time when an utter collapse of the NWO bankster empire is written in the stars so to speak. The task at hand is to make it happen.. There is not going to be space aliens coming to do it for us. No psyop savior to snap his finger either. It is only US in the HERE AND NOW to do it. So use your magical mind and see it being manifested in your minds eye. We have to see it.. taste it .. smell it as if it has already happened. Continue Reading>>>

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