Stunning GoPro: Russian Cosmonaut duo perform spectacular spacewalk

from RT hat tip/The News Doctors Want proof spacemen have the most exciting jobs ever? Watch this new breathtaking GoPro video of a spacewalk by two Russian cosmonauts, including the record-breaking Gennady Padalka, outside the International Space Station (ISS). Padalka recently set a new record of 879 cumulative days spent in space. He was accompanied by Mikhail Korniyenko on the spacewalk, which lasted for 5 hours 34 minutes in open space on August 10. The video, featuring the two busy doing space chores, outside the ISS was released by Russian Federal Space Agency Roskosmos on Saturday. Stunning images of Earth, hundreds of kilometers away, can clearly be seen in the background. Record-holding Padalka, 57, returned to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday. The August spacewalk is the tenth he performed from the International Space Station. Padalka decided to celebrate the “anniversary” with a space selfie. Padalka’s companion, 55-year-old Mikhail Korniyenko, will be staying in orbit until the spring of 2016 as part of the 45th expedition.

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